Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 20

claims having killed an officer and a soldier of the Iraqi army in an explosion.

claims having killed 3 Iraqi soldiers in a sniper attack

– Explosion heard. Central station evacuated. Massive emergency services deployment

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-21 om 10.43.08.jpg

** All trains halted
** People crying coming out of the station, police has weapons drawn to evacuate.
** Security perimeter enlarged, people are being driven further away
** Police: situation under control. – https://twitter.com/zpz_polbru/status/877244196318572546
** Large military and police deployment
** Sources: 1 suitcase exploded. Military saw a man with wires around himself. Possible SBELT. Target neutralized.
** No casualties reported at this point
** Relatively calm on for the time being
** Federal police spokesperson confirms “someone caused an explosion and has been neutralized”
** Suspect yelled allahu akbar before attack: multiple witnesses and sources
** Belgian Crisis Centre confirms suspect neutralized
** Multiple people tweeting about Grande Place too. NO ONGOING INCIDENT THERE!
** No casualties: confirmed. Prosecutor only confirms suspect neutralized, not specified if dead or alive
** Brussels North, Central and South stations: all traffic interrupted
** Crisis Centre to hold emergency meeting tonight
** Metro lines 1 and 5 closed at Central Station. No bus services in the area either
** A worker of the station told Bruzz, a man wearing a white shirt and jeans started running towards the train tracks
** after a trolley exploded. According to the same worker the man shouted allahu akbar right before being shot
** Press conference @ @ 10.45 pm local
** Security services are treating incident as a terrorist attack
** Bomb squad has carried out a controlled explosion of the suicide belt
** 2 security perimeters: outer cordon -> military / inner cordon -> police. Police helicopter over scene
** Press conference to start shortly, but away from Central Station @ .
** Crisis meeting between MoI, federal police, homeland security and OCAD
** All are now being checked by police before being able to attend press conference
** Terror threat level to stay at level 3 (out of 4)
** All metro lines can now be used without charge, by all passengers
** Press conference by Eric Van Der Sypt, spokesman for federal anti-terror prosecutor:
— @ Approx 8.30 pm: small explosion @ Central Railway Station.
— Treated as terrorist attack.
— Prosecutor does not want to confirm if male attacker is dead or alive
— No casualties. Prosecutor does not want to make any further statements at this point
— End of press conference
** Terrorist dead
** Belgian MoI thanks security services – https://twitter.com/JanJambon/status/877290443788218368
** Railway company unable to say whether the attack will still have an impact on train traffic tomorrow
** Controlled explosion @ , where press conference was held. Suspicious vehicle
** Belgian MoD thanks his troops for tonight’s excellent work
** Belgian PM: national security council to be held @ 9am local – https://twitter.com/CharlesMichel/status/877282650490376193
** State broadcaster says first explosion was the detonator. The bomb on the man was a heavy one. Tragedy avoided
** Trains running from Brussels North to Brussels South again, but not stopping in Brussels Central

: Salah sues French deputy – https://t.co/F2inIMJ8Xy

claims having killed 7 Filipino soldiers during clashes in the Baling area

– Upcoming book on the history of the jihadist wave in France (1992-2017) – https://twitter.com/RomainCaillet/status/877215566011957248

– State security arrested the former emir of the Ahfad al-Hamza Battalion of the Ahrar al-Sham Front

– Djaziri pledged allegiance to in letter to relative, police source tells French newspaper L’Express

claims having killed 2 federal police officers in a sniper attack

  – Armed Palestinian Shot Dead After Attempting to Attack Soldiers, Israeli Army Says – https://t.co/c5ULaGgN0o

  – Afghan forces recapture Tora Bora from  – https://t.co/3J8A7XczLw

  – Egypt kills 12 -linked militants in Sinai air strike – https://t.co/tcpOGndW6f

  – Arab shot dead moments after attempting to stab Israeli soldier in Binyamin region

  – 1 arrested as joint Army & Police operation finds & seizes 200 plastic explosive sticks and 200 electric detonators

  – At least eight Afghan guards killed by gunmen near base. Claimed by . – https://t.co/l30V8oCtas

  – Suicide bomber strikes in Sidra – https://t.co/lHfmE7EPTD

– Attack claimed by Wilayah Khorasan. -K

– Attacker was known by Interpol and wanted by Tunisia, according to BFMTV.

  – Explosion heard in district
** Emergency services arriving on scene. Casualties unknown at this point. Explosion @ busy market
** Car bomb targeted the administrative HQ of district in. Allegedly followed by gunfire
** Preliminary toll: 8 injured, including officials
** Updated preliminary toll: 10 injured
** Attack @ district already claimed by .
** Garowe reports 6 people were killed
** Death toll rises to 7
** Updated preliminary toll: 9 killed, 11 wounded
** Updated preliminary toll: 11 killed, 20 wounded. Might be revised
** Updated preliminary toll: 16 killed, 17 injured

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-20 om 17.32.30.jpg

  – Adam Lotfi Jaziri’s parents are both independent nurses, registered @ same address as ADAM himself – https://t.co/im5JOMe491
** Weapons cache found @ Adam Lotfi Djaziri’s house – https://t.co/vXY74vqR7c

  – One dead in new Bahrain bombing: ministry – https://t.co/HLGjUA1wZO

  – https://twitter.com/pajhwok/status/877059795509014528

– Explosion leaves a judge dead, 3 civilians wounded – https://t.co/WrZEXfgAaK

– Australian security forces brace for Islamist ‘Night of Power’ amid fears of a terrorist attack – https://t.co/r5CPFMAtTi

– Two Dutch journalists kidnapped by  – https://t.co/VJ70jmcG4J

– Two militants killed in Lahore – https://t.co/hjEKmOj6hc

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