Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 21

  • – PKK kidnap & murder another teacher – https://t.co/TRVZQxITqp
  • – Iraq PM says Mosul destructions mean admitting defeat.
  • claims having killed 4 YPG fighters in a bomb attack west of Raqqa.
  • – Police, ambulance, helicopter and bomb squad on scene of a “major police incident” @ John Wright Sports Centre
  • claims having killed 13 soldiers and wounding others in clashes in the Lilod Madaya, Balingh, and Marinot areas
  • Some terror outfits might be planning a “London style attack” during international yoga day – https://t.co/IGWW4gfc1X
  • propaganda on : IS obviously says the mosque was destroyed in a US air strike
    **  – Mosque is very important to : it was here that IS’ caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the caliphate
    **  – Correction: al Baghdadi’s 1st speech as caliph was here. Caliphate was declared 6 days before that, by Adnani.
  • – Army says has blown up historic mosque
  • – American professor held by pleads with to negotiate his release – https://t.co/wdtcyijrcV
  • Interesting read: Summer of terror approaches: what to do to counter martyrdom attacks? – https://t.co/WZ3ASwUqKQ
  • – 1 officer of 50 Rashtriya Rifles injured, during an encounter with terrorists
    ** Some terrorists started throwing rocks, possibly to help others escape the security cordon
  • claims its snipers killed 2 PMU forces in an attack near the Alas oilfield
  • claims having killed 5 Iraqi soldiers during clashes
  • claims a bomb explosion on Iraqi troops
  • landmine explosion kills five – https://t.co/yMet4qUItB
  • – Police officer stabbed in neck at Flint Bishop Airport in Michigan – https://t.co/kFag2ulefI
    ** Attack is now being investigated as a possible terrorist attack
    ** News is being spread on -linked channels, including “Love Song for Michigan”
    **  – Incident is now being investigated as “act of terrorism”

  • – A UN resolution paves way for deployment of a 5-nation African force to fight jihadists in Sahel region – https://t.co/ykkk2HLTjy
  • – Suspicious package at railway station. Area sealed off. No buses, no trains
    ** Bomb squad on scene. Will neutralize package
    ** (Forgotten) Suitcase neutralized by bomb squad. No danger. Area will be reopened in a short while
  • – Area around central station sealed off. Police checks and investigation ongoing
    ** Avoid area. Police helicopter circling around
    ** Breydelstraat and Statiestraat sealed off. Residents not allowed to leave houses
    ** Current situation: rapid response teams and special forces on scene. Entered a house
    ** Breydelstraat partially reopened
    ** Police are not communicating (yet) on ongoing investigation
    ** Police: investigation ongoing, no danger
    ** Breydelstraat entirely reopened
    ** Visitors of a Ferris wheel saw an armed man. Massive police deployment. 2 men arrested. Weapons were fake
  • – Police arrest Moroccan national who ‘fits profile of jihadist terrorists in Europe’ – https://t.co/1wcXLSqbhB
  • – 18-year-old arrested on suspicion of terrorism offenses
  • – Pro- rebels storm school and hold students hostage – https://t.co/qey6CwQS5W

Brussels Central Station – continued from yesterday June 20

** MoI confirms investigators know the identity of the terrorist. New press conference @ 11am local
** Forensic investigation @ Central Station over. It is now being cleaned. Will be reopened around 8am local
** MoI confirms, giving no details, all elements of the investigation are pointing towards a radicalized individual.
** Newspaper La Dernière Heure says the attacker came from . -> New official press conference @ 11am local.
** Acc to several sources, the attacker is a 37yo male from , not known for terrorism but for sexual offenses
** Heightened security measures in train and railway stations. All planned events to take place – https://twitter.com/CrisiscenterBE/status/877412966701965312
** Search warrant is now being executed in , boulevard Mettewie
** Bomb squad on scene

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-21 om 10.49.32.jpg

** Security perimeter enlarged
** National Security Council ended. No comments, PM only thanked all security services and railway company staff
** Press conference
— 20.39: suspect entered station. 20.43: walks towards passengers. Detonated suit case. Only fire.
— Follows railway staff. Suit case exploses 2nd time. Bomb contained nails and gas cylinders
— Walked towards soldiers. Soldier opened fire and hit him several times
— Terrorist is Moroccan national, born 1981
— Prosecutor only wants to give initials O.Z. Not known for terrorist offenses
— First name believed to be Ousama
— House search @ 4am by police, special units and investigating judge specialized in terrorism
— End of press conference
** End of searches in
** Left luggage or other items @ station during attack? Call these numbers, starting tomorrow 9am local
** Oussama Z., last night’s terrorist

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-21 om 23.33.39.jpg

**  concert tonight: do not bring any bags, handbags, backpacks etc.
** Bomb contained nails, bolts, pieces of metal and gas cylinders: prosecutor
** Oussama Z. came under attention of police in 2015 in a drugs case
** Searches gave results: materials found to make explosives
** Police are not sure the address in was the only address the terrorist used/was using.
** His family members are now being questioned
** Full name of terrorist: Oussama Zariouh
** Side fact: A Belgian FTF, Mohamed Botchbaqut, resided in too and also comes from Nador, Morocco
** Investigators found in the house of terrorist Oussama Zariouh indications that he sympathized with ** 2 search warrants executed in , 1 in and 1 in in connection with last night’s attack.
** 4 are under arrest. They’ll appear before the investigating judge tomorrow

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