Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 22

  • just released issue 86 of its weekly newspaper
  • released a propaganda video, showing the damage done to the al-Nuri mosque and the al-Hadba minaret. The propaganda obviously maintains the US are responsible for the bombing of both monuments

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-22 om 23.36.44.png

  • has confirmed it has both journalists and that they will release them soon
  • released pictures of a guided missile attack on an army tank, south of Tabaqah airbase
  • – Abu Khattab al Awlaqi, is ‘s emir in the Arabian Peninsula’s Shabwa province
  • military said it carried out an air strike that killed Abu Khattab al Awlaqi, and 2 other militants
  • man arrested at for attempting to join  – https://t.co/hcC9STF4YP
  • -linked terror cell dismantled – https://t.co/ojvpzAZgOs
  • – Canadian sniper ‘kills militant 2 miles away’. It’s reported bullet took 10 seconds to hit target – https://t.co/ulvKmiSE7c
  • #USA New report examines U.S. Muslim opinions about ISIS, Syria and the U.S. presidential election – https://t.co/ysAi8KJuMc
  • – At least 3 dead after an SVBIED was driven into a police station – https://twitter.com/imukhtaar/status/877862838961815554
    ** Death toll rises to 4
  • – Ex-partner and children of attack suspect moved to police safe house – https://t.co/6rh7PTSNV9
  • – Police detain nine in anti- operation – https://t.co/IH3qd6uDeK
  • – 4 relatives of attacker have been released
    **  himself has been seen on CCTV images around the Eiffel Tower 1 hour before attacking at the .
  • -linked terror group rises from obscurity – https://t.co/D7rMeMoJ4S
  • – Car bomb explosion outside the New Kabul Bank. Preliminary toll: 22 killed, 54 injured.
    ** Death toll rises to 24
    ** Death toll rises to 29
    ** Death toll rises to 34
  • – Double suicide attack overnight. 8 killed
    ** The region, bordering Nigeria, has seen a resurgence in attacks blamed on after months of relative calm
  • – Blast @ cemetery near NATO secured area reported
    ** Only material damage reported so far
  • – Myanmar uncovers terrorist training camps – https://t.co/cjtkaaoiTG
  • will use warning labels and AI to fight extremist videos – https://t.co/5EXEjLsZ8A
  • targets children to punish parents in Mosul, says  – https://t.co/iaGG1bBWMu

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