Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 23


  • – Man arrested on suspicion of financing terrorism and recruiting terrorists – https://t.co/LKOkfQBmOs
  • is inciting lone wolf attacks again, spreading training manuals to train at home. Already quite some downloads too
    ** Vehicular attacks are being promoted too
  • – National security claims it foiled a coordinated “terrorist attack by 3 cells that were trying to attack Mecca.
    ** This is a message I saw on Telegram on June 21. Looks like it might not just have been “any” message
  • arrests three suspected terrorists in Gujranwala – https://t.co/eLF1wowNAv
  • – Colombian news channel RCN reports the 2 journalists have been released
  • – Explosion reported in the Al-Jadeeda neighborhood
  • – Senior Kurdish official confirms dozens of fighters surrendered to in eastern . – https://twitter.com/abdulkarimomar1/status/878281560394350593
  • – Army will be launching “Op. All Out”, has prepared a list of 258 terrorists in Kashmir to be eliminated after raids. 6 already dead
  • – French terror cell members sentenced over Jewish grocery attack – https://t.co/fF2FuCFvFn
  • – Jihadis more active on social media again – https://t.co/dcjgngdEjz
  • – Ramadan deadliest month for Afghanistan in past 15 years – https://t.co/0KvdmqGY1D
  • comes up with a picture and a name of the suicide attacker: Abu ‘Uthman al-KhurasaniSchermafbeelding 2017-06-23 om 19.30.32.jpg
  • – Man attacked with machete on Birmingham high street – https://t.co/IoXLbBE2xd
  • – Man charged with terrorist related murder  – https://t.co/C2mJPWCcJC
  • – New images of the attack in Brussels Central railway station – https://t.co/y2UMRkM44o
  • – Presumed terrorist arrested – https://t.co/dRqNOoMQAg
    ** Man was allegedly planning an attack – https://t.co/EwowPq1Ufr
  • ‘s most-wanted militant Mahmud Ahmad, who helped finance siege, believed killed – https://t.co/1Qc5LSRGdR
  • – Australian Defense Sec. Lorenzana confirms 2 Australian spy planes will be deployed in Marawi City.
  • – Russia informs Turkey, fires cruise missiles at Syria – https://t.co/XR4sFbzJ2i
  • – Army chief of staff: 40 foreign terrorists in the Philippines, more may arrive in coming months – https://t.co/NB1XLI86IR
  • – SVBIED kills at least seven – https://t.co/dYbjWfxDCv
    ** Death toll rises to 11
    ** Both and are now claiming the attack
  • – Federal prosecutor would like to have a law, punishing visits to jihadist websites – https://t.co/wctKjjEcOY

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