Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 24

  • – Iran foils ‘plot to bomb religious centres’ – https://t.co/8NU5MQmbbL
  • – Former FTF who fought in arrested – https://t.co/yFSVrpOX0M
  • detainee charged in bombing – https://t.co/SiYcedSStt
  • – VBIED explosion. Preliminary toll: 5 dead.
    ** Updated toll: 10 killed, 16 injured
  • burns member of Cubs of Caliphate for refusing to kill his family – https://t.co/3rZDrlhIih
  • – Manchester Arena terrorist Salman used to build bomb – https://t.co/aIevhyIy6V
  • – Man in blue Mercedes tries to run over police officers. They opened fire. Man escaped
    ** Police wanted to check the vehicle. Driver didn’t stop, tried to run them over. 2 shots fired. Driver escaped
    ** No info on the driver
  • – Terrorists attempt to escape war zone through Lake Lanao – https://t.co/i3tmZY4bts
  • – Death toll rises to 70 in Pakistan blasts – https://t.co/UQNi3LoW5g
  • – 5 would-be suicide bombers held in southern Turkey – https://t.co/rkntGjXIMv
  • – Seven Naxals (Jan Militia Members) arrested in a joint CRPF and police operation
  • , ‘ emir in the Philippines might have fled Marawi – https://t.co/AWtTzHmtn1
  • – Five STF jawans injured in gunbattle with Maoists in Sukma – https://t.co/FS3UQPmCUa
  • – Nigeria arrests several militants for bomb plots – https://t.co/gyjw1Zaief
  • – Two policemen injured in exchange of fire with terrorists – https://t.co/cpdHmEJ2b9

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