Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 26

  • – Due to the messages of a sinking/burning/bombed vessel off the Somali coast that are being spread: NO incident
  • – Colombia’s rebels complete disarmament: UN monitors
  • – In 2 days, it will be exactly 1 year since Iraqi forces recaptured Fallujah from .
    ** Rumors on pro- Telegram channels say a suicide bomber on a motorcycle blew himself up
  • -linked agency claims a massive explosion, followed by gunfire occurred

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-27 om 01.00.17.jpg

  • – Explosion blasted in Shaar Hangev in southern Israel. scanning the area for a possible rocket attack
    ** Rocket was fired from . No casualties reported
    ** Ahfad al-Sahaba claims having fired on .
  • – “Super-software” application will unmask terrorists and preachers of hate – https://t.co/DmeTD1S958
  • – Terrorist designation of Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) leader Mohammad Yusuf Shah, AKA Syed Salahuddin.
  • Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter & YouTube say they are forming a ‘Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism
  • Propaganda on – Posters from a film (2016) by -linked agency are being spread again. They are still using the same hashtag ““.
  • – Matriarch behind siege had been recruiting child soldiers to promote terror – https://t.co/TDuou0DlIR
  • – as-Soennah mosque got letter threatening with a truck ramming attack. Scale model included – https://t.co/A75CCRmetm
  • – DSS arrests top commander and 20 others – https://t.co/22ECFqmgZc
  • – 6 civilians rescued, 1 body recovered after ‘humanitarian pause’ in Marawi – https://t.co/yEUTuUJOlD
  • – Officer & civilian killed in attempted, fatal suicide bombings in Babil – https://t.co/aK0mMY7c6n
  • – Dangerous returned FTF arrested – https://t.co/0tqUGgDz4k
  • – Only 800m left to announce victory on in Mosul: army – https://t.co/Onw0PK5M5g
  • – Abducted priest seen alive in Marawi – https://t.co/lzCRE2qw1w
  • – 3 parents of FTFs charged for financing terrorism – https://t.co/MSK9u8k7Rz

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