Terrorism Telegram Newsline – June 28

  • – 2 policemen killed and 2 injured in IED blast –  https://t.co/EbiFbKmlWE
  • – 7 terrorists surrender – https://t.co/bB3sOSdxTn
  • Sec Gen Stoltenberg confirms NATO will increase presence in Afghanistan.

  • claims having killed 4 Iraqi soldiers and having wounded many others in an attempt to advance in the Bab Jadid area.
  • claims having killed 11 Iraqi soldiers in an attack on positions in al-Mushahada.
  • – Primark worker planned terror attack with sex shop samurai sword, court hears – https://t.co/cHE699OVvL
  • – Authorities have stopped a train travelling from to after a bomb threat, passengers evacuated from carriages.
    ** Train was stopped in Mogilno. Nearby buildings evacuated too. Bomb squad on scene.
    ** Around 600 passengers were on board of the intercity train.
    ** 1 sniffer dog is currently searching the train. 3 more are awaited. Police estimate ops will be over around 1 am.
  • – Rocket fired from Syria explodes in Ramat Hagolan in Northern Israel.
    ** No injuries reported so far.
  • – 2 militants reportedly escaped from prison -https://t.co/VHLJGuOW7f
  • – Taskforce for coordination of help towards terror victims started – https://t.co/9OdscHkF8k
  • – Interesting thread – https://twitter.com/jenanmoussa/status/880104440317046785
  • – Clashes reported among the and militants – https://t.co/1uI9etAIOG
  • : General notice by the monetary committee regarding the currency regulations.
  • – Egypt accuses of financing terrorists in  – https://t.co/byMd7qiXk0
  • – Amor has been charged with stabbing a police officer @ Flint Airport and has been denied bail.
  • – Three IS members, including Brit, killed making booby-trap – https://t.co/KAh4TLcAeZ
  • Iraqi military says it has retaken 2 Mosul neighborhoods from  – https://t.co/w71uVtxTOa
  • – 30 civilians dead in air raids on IS-held area of Syria, monitor says
  • – Shops evacuated as bomb squad tackles suspicious item in branch of – https://t.co/EqxD1dckWl
  • claims capturing positions in the al-Mushahada district
  • – Intensified searches for 3 ex-RAF members – https://t.co/S0cwpT78zl
  • claims an IED attack on a bus carrying soldiers, killing and wounding 17 of them
  • – New document details deadly new strategy – https://t.co/RQFYkVVb2Y
  • – 1993 Mumbai blasts convict Mustafa Dossa dies of heart attack.
  • – Philippines says death toll in rebel-held town could rise ‘significantly’ – https://t.co/nqP43U8SDO
  • The radical cell of 6 is suspected of making online jihadist materials and supporting suicide attacks in Europe
  • – 1 arrested on suspicion of supporting .
  • – 4 others arrested on suspicion of supporting .
  • – 44yo male arrested on suspicion of supporting . Extradition requested by Spanish authorities.

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