Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 1

  • – Terror alert due to theft of a large amount of weapons, ammunition and explosives – https://t.co/VtFZwCo2Kg
  • – ‘Serious incident’ sees armed police guarding Weston-super-Mare streets – https://t.co/4Fyhkgnq5o
  • – At least 3 mortars fired from explode once again in Ramat Hagolan in Northern Israel.
  • – Terminal 2F @ airport completely evacuated. Reason unclear at this point. – Euronews.
    ** Airport announces the terminal had to be evacuated to comply with security rules.
    ** The way they say that probably means the terminal was overcrowded and no longer safe, like security regulations proscribe.
  • – Federal Police chief says still has four districts to liberate in Mosul’s Old City – https://t.co/AN1Tv2wbRh

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-01 om 18.53.15.jpg

  • – Suicide attacks: 1 civilian killed. (l’Oeil du Sahel)
  • – Four civilians, including two security personnel killed – https://t.co/pirGVJThjP
  • – Suspicious package @ gas station. Highway E429 closed in both directions. Station evacuated. Bomb squad en route.
    ** End of ops. Area secured and released. Highway opened again.

  • – Suspicious package @ Jan Palfijn hospital. Bomb squad on scene.
    ** 3 suspicious events in a row: 1) Handbag left behind: no threat. 2) Smell of fire in an elevator: nothing found 3) Message found a bomb will explode at 5pm local.
    ** Sweeping is ongoing. No evacuation yet. Visitors not allowed in.
    ** The Jan Palfijn hospital is part of a larger group of hospitals, ZNA, in and around . Message found in bathroom.
    ** Handbag was forgotten. Fire smell came from a construction site. Message believed to be a hoax, but security
    ** sweeping is ongoing: police spox.
    ** False alert.

  • – 2 men arrested at Airport on suspicion of terrorism offences after landing on a flight from Turkey: LBC
    ** Both men are aged 21 and are from and .
  • Is the upcoming defeat of in and the beginning of the final battle? Analysis by – https://t.co/J3VpMfBo9c
  • – Body of Berlin attack suspect returned to – https://t.co/4qZz8SD8kD
  • – Spain arrests Danish man who fought with terrorists – https://t.co/tYD6FiJZkM
  • – Three men are arrested on suspicion of preparing terror acts – https://t.co/GeT89vPiJV
  • – Local AKP politician killed in armed attack in Diyarbakır – https://t.co/rzsjpSfIS4
  • knew Kabul tanker bombing was going to happen – https://t.co/y7xNlR8waq
  • – Two civilians killed during firefight in IoK – https://t.co/O3TP03h2Ws

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