Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 2

  • released pictures of its fighters targeting YPG positions with RPGs.
  • claims having killed 2 YPG members east and southeast of Raqqa.
  • train evacuated @ due to suspicious package –
    ** Train services suspended
    ** Acc to CBS2, Port Authority K-9 officers received a positive hit in a rail car @ station.
    ** Package cleared.
    ** And as usual fanboys on are laughing over the threat again. (Below the pic)
  • claims having killed and wounded 4 federal police officers in the outskirts of the Farouq area.

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-02 om 23.18.39.jpg

  • – Shooting: at least 3 injured. Motive not yet known – https://t.co/PRlAwiHfc4
    ** Official police statement. NO!!! word that the injured are officers as so many are claiming –
    ** 2 seriously injured, 1 lightly. No info on perpetrator(s) and motive
    ** Probably drug related.
  • – 14 killed in suicide attack on displaced camp – https://t.co/wv4bz7Us7D
  • France’s vows to ‘eradicate’ kidnappers of French citizens – https://t.co/jq1ZP7MZKQ
  • – Roadside bomb kills two – https://t.co/cOT1bS4Ki4
  • – Deadly airstrike target ISIS militants in Nangarhar, leaving several dead – https://t.co/dx5aqF5soc
  • Please unlock @JoumanaGebara she is a ME analyst and shares valuable news information.
  • – Suicide car bombing kills nine: monitor – https://t.co/GpjNPB8LlY
  • prescribes 50 lashes for bringing up ’s death – https://t.co/DCB8ihlkMH
  • – Bangladesh arrests three female militants – https://t.co/7DHM6Fi3yD
  • claims its snipers killed 74 YPG fighters from June 6 through June 30.
  • District chair of , Aydın Ahi, had been killed in armed attack – https://t.co/UG1b7oAVOM

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