Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 3

  • |n doctor, now fighter (Abu Youssef al-Australi) calls for attacks and challenges “old Trump” to put boots on the ground.
  • – Shooting probably drug related. No terrorist elements found at this point.
  • – Police responding to an active shooter at Charleston, S.C. mall – https://t.co/ZCGJ5avzXn
    ** Shots confirmed. No active shooter. Material damage, no injuries. –
  • – Double suicide attack. Preliminary toll: 4 killed. Followed by a attack on a military post.
  • Shooting by 2 on a motorbike. 1 killed & 6 injured. No info on motive yet. – https://t.co/OKdVedRQgR
    ** Another shooting took place in the same area in March. Not terror related back then.
  • – Airspace over Ben Gurion airport closed due to security situation.
    ** Just saw an Alitalia and an EasyJet flight take off. And a Smartwings flight is taking off.
    ** Situation cleared. Some sources indicate a local gag order. Only visible ground activity besides planes was a fire truck, a bird patrol and a “follow me” car.
    ** Airport authorities deny the incident or closure.
  • claims having killed a member of a pro-Afghan government militia.
  • claims having killed 2 Peshmerga in a sniper attack on the outskirts of Mahkur hill.
  • claims having killed 4 Iraqi forces in a sniper attack on the outskirts of the Bab at-Tub area.
  • claims having killed 5 Iraqi soldiers and having destroyed a Humvee on a highway.
  • claims a suicide attack on Iraqi forces @ the 5th brigade.
  • claims an attack on Iraqi forces in the outskirts of the Bab at-Tub area.
  • claims a suicide attack on Iraqi special forces after they entered a house in the Makawi neighborhood.
  • – Suicide bomber dressed as woman kills 14 in Iraqi displacement camp – https://t.co/br0tsVtxHq
  • – Domestic terrorism – Anarchist extremists: antifa – https://t.co/fEqdzmQutw
  • – 2 of the 3 have now been charged with terrorism offenses. Allegedly Belgian nationals. Traces of explosives were indeed found on a glove in the car. Investigators found text messages calling for jihad on 1 of their mobile phones. – https://t.co/GYzDx5fUuR
  • – Indian forces kill 2 Kashmiri militants: Police – https://t.co/CrGCIPjl37
  • – 2,000 Islamist extremists in Sweden: security police – https://t.co/xcUCK8VzfU
  • – June 2017: 15,000 people are “fiché S”, due to radicalization. 18,000 are in the FSPRT database: MoI. Growing numbers!
    ** The FSPRT database is a database for signaling prevention and radicalization with a terrorist background.
  • preacher in Iraq burned to death over death statements – http:/en/13881#.WVoskkYFQdg.twitter
  • publishes detailed guide on how to use services like to lure non-believers to their death – https://t.co/3daRDaY1wb
  • – Suspected militants kill nine, abduct dozens – https://t.co/Zy1J1724sm
  • – This is what Marawi City looks like now.

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-04 om 00.20.37.jpg

  • – Man planned attack on migrants: arrested and charged with terrorism offenses – https://t.co/e2RnWwOyUc
  • – 1 soldier killed in a attack – https://t.co/Mzo19HGLCa
  • – Far right nationalist charged over Bastille Day plot to assassinate French president – https://t.co/phe3PA81qr
  • – Top -linked militant hiding in war-torn city – https://t.co/REtZNlDYrU
  • – 1 Army officer shot in neck by terrorists – https://t.co/zTiTVPNqsl
  • – 4 terrorists, including top commander, killed in Iraqi airstrike – http:/en/13866#.WVnudPid_eU.twitter
  • – Women among 4 civilians killed in a roadside blast in southern province.
  • – West African and French leaders launch Sahel force – https://t.co/ODNYD0vza3

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