Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 4

  • – 1 policeman killed and 3 injured in an IED explosion – https://t.co/cqhk4hJ8El
  • Counter-terrorism strategic communication: back to the future, lessons from past and present – https://t.co/dSF6BLfTOk
  • accuses of having launched air strikes on 3 Mosul areas, with rockets carrying poisonous gases.
  • – 1 police officer and 2 conscripts killed in roadside bombing – https://t.co/yVFRZcuv5g
  • commander Ahmed captured when he tried to escape among civilians

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-04 om 19.33.19

  • – Dutch FTFs want to return, but they can’t: lawyers – https://t.co/mTDz1Kt3MF
  • – 18 insurgents surrender to Afghan forces after killing their commander – https://t.co/k2QL0mr5t5
  • claims having killed 2 federal police officers in a sniper attack in the Bab Lakash area.
  • – New Casual Extraction Team, a team for rapid evacuation in case of a terrorist attack. Collaboration between police & Fire dept. – https://twitter.com/JanJambon/status/882257507510628352

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-04 om 17.25.01.jpg

  • – PM announces the end of the state of emergency will take place before November 1, 2017
  • – Top leaders reportedly killed in Kunar drone strike in East of Afghanistan – https://t.co/PatJcOiNkF
  • – Annual domestic intelligence report has been released – https://t.co/C9s6ee7HmS
  • claims having killed 9 soldiers during clashes in the Baling neighborhood
  • – 31-year-old Moroccan male arrested on suspicion of belonging to an propaganda cell – https://t.co/vj7ogHzwrU
  • – Interim report on Anis investigation – https://t.co/Gkxm2RYCu6
  • – Extremist plot to attack G20 summit thwarted as police seize weapons stash – https://t.co/tEUntgWASW
  • – Police investigate hanging of flag @ Kebayoran Lama Police – https://t.co/9aCyzHtBmc

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-04 om 12.45.23.jpg

  • – British terror plotter who eyed Elton John’s 9/11 memorial concert receives life sentence – https://t.co/AQpA4ke62u

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