Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 5

  • – Terrorist attack against the army. Several dead, wounded and missing – https://t.co/qtWAcFf6HL
  • Street sealed due to suspicious package – https://t.co/cOaupbnssq
    ** False alert.
  • – Turkish police thwart planned attack on protest march – https://t.co/1iU83sFwx3
  • – Bahrain’s FM says must be held accountable for bloodshed in Egypt – https://t.co/Gook3sdwpy
  • – Somali Immigration officer injured after IED fitted into his car went off in the area.
  • – Somali militants kill 2 police during extended raid – https://t.co/TwrhksEVoO
  • – Tajik police neutralize 4 relatives of ex-police commander who joined – https://t.co/tOLXTr9Oo7
  • – Russia bombs targets in Syria with newest missiles: agencies – https://t.co/SE4Z0lr9UQ
  • – Russia says no final deal inked on details of Syria safe zones. (AFP)
  • – 2 females and 1 male detained in attack investigation, according to M6 – https://t.co/7KLFbvTtyI
  • – A official who had been kidnapped by , has been freed.
  • – Three Syrians go on trial over alleged plot to bomb central Düsseldorf – https://t.co/LlvZxBKv6w

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-05 om 20.08.48.jpg

  • – Police arrest 1 Algerian male wanted for jihadism – https://t.co/5FPEI27wl3
  • – A series of controlled explosions have been carried out by the Greater Manchester Police’s bomb squad.
    ** False alert, passengers being allowed back in.
  • propaganda on , saying Marawi is a grave for christians.
  • released pictures of an attack with SPG9 missiles on positions, south of Raqqa City.
  • – The French suspect has been arrested in Faches-Thumesnil, outside .
  • – Weapons seized in counter-terror searches overnight.
    ** 6 searches were conducted in : 4 in houses, 2 in garage boxes. 4 people arrested, among them 2 brothers.
    ** The 2 brothers are well known to law enforcement. At the same time, searches were carried out in . 1 arrested there. For Belgium, there might be a link with the Kamikaze Riders, a bikers club. Several of their members have already been convicted on terrorism charges in the past.
    ** 2 of the 4 arrested stay under arrest: Akim S (1977) and Khalid S (1979). Both have Belgian nationality. 2 others were released. The 2 detained have been charged with participation in a terrorist group.
    ** Weapons, ammo and materials seized: 3 AK47, 15 AK47 chargers, 1 riot gun, 3 hand weapons plus ammo, radios, 2 bullet proof vests, 1 blue flashing light, 1 uniform of a security company, 2 police uniforms, 2 civil protection uniforms & 4 detonators.
    ** Investigators believe an attack, only in a planning stage, has been thwarted.
  • has beheaded 2 Vietnamese hostages – https://t.co/Z5yyo6kHki

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