Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 6

  • claims 20 Iraqi soldiers were killed when they tried to enter a Mosul neighborhood.
  • Air Force Base evacuated due to a suspicious truck.
    ** A standard screening of the truck revealed “potentially explosive material”.
  • bombing: police say Salman did not act alone – https://t.co/7acJQ3yK80

  • – Shooting. Officers attacked with an AK47. – https://t.co/wu3DAoIQET
    ** 2 officers injured.
    ** Attacker(s) on the run.
    ** Acc to el Periódico, the attacker has a Maghrébine appearance, with a beard. He fled the scene in a green Alfa Romeo.
    ** He fled in the direction of . Large manhunt underway, including helicopter.
    ** 1 of the officers is in a serious condition.
    ** 1 officer now in critical condition, believed to have been shot in the neck. The other one “less serious, shot in the leg.
    ** Suspect believed to be holed up in a house in
    **  Acc to sources: suspect neutralized. Spanish national.
    ** Acc to el Periodico, the attack is related to organized crime
    ** Official arrest @ 4.55 pm local, in possession of a shotgun or a long rifle
    ** Suspect is Jorge Casas Cordero

  • – UK terror convictions rising, BBC Jihadist database shows – https://t.co/mXmnGYq1Fe
  • – 13 militants killed in southern Somalia – https://t.co/nl1tcctmDh
  • – Double homicide, possibly with an background – https://t.co/yMXovYEX4w
  • – Already 7 terrorist attacks thwarted in 2017: MoI – https://t.co/bB3txGMF1X
  • – Militants kill 3 and take as many hostages in Nangarhar mosque attack – https://t.co/i8aE2gDX7z
  • – Homeland Security investigating Chechen islamists – https://t.co/badiyGVA4Z

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