Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 8

  • – Police kill 14 terrorists in a raid – https://t.co/SVqJyExPcP
  • – Iraqi army losses in the period from June 29 until July 6, according to Yaqeen Media.
  • – Explosion in kills two policemen, nine wounded. (Saudi Gazette)

  • – Terrorists try to infiltrate gendarmerie guardhouse in SE Turkey – https://t.co/H2UmW4xZef
  • – Parvis du and adjacent embankment of river evacuated. Suspicious package. Bomb squad on scene.
  • – Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi arrives in Mosul to announce “the fall of ” in the city.
  • – Propaganda about is again being distributed on too.
  • claims having killed 11 Filipino soldiers in attacks today and yesterday.
  • – Last month’s fire @ celebrity chef Rick Stein’s restaurant now claimed by Ooh R A terrorists – https://t.co/CjxjXUAmX7
  • – Son of imam was ready to commit a terrorist attack in Belgium – https://t.co/nG0yyH3dAn
  • announces the death of “media brother and martyr” Abu Usama al-Ansari.
  • – Suspected Islamist militants behead nine men in Kenya – https://t.co/9CC1hPK9vE
  • – IS chief judge, 11 others killed in airstrikes west of Mosul – https://t.co/NM3ui7R5Dq
  • – 1 male, condemned to 16 years in prison on terrorism charges, captured after several years on the run – https://t.co/ppohA95iRF
  • – Soldier killed, 11 others wounded in Sulu clash with
    ** Updated toll: 1 soldier killed, 15 injured and 3 terrorists killed.
  • – https://t.co/FIKgOnz9dR

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