Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 14

  •   – Twitter user who made anonymous bomb threat against must pay €200k in damages – https://t.co/BRdzgCrcl5
  • – Threats are now being directed at specific businesses in e.g. Bristol, Edinburgh, Gateshead, Birmingham, Glasgow,…
  • – Anarchists have claimed an attack with explosives on an ATM – https://t.co/ZDUdAgDlVV
  •   – U.S. cannot prove chief is dead: U.S. defense secretary – https://t.co/gFip62bq8t
  • The 2 deceased victims are Ukrainian nationals.
  • – Saudi soldier killed, another wounded in restive Qatif province -https://t.co/XCPW4r8zMm
  • – Top Malian jihadist killed as unrest intensifies – https://t.co/PlxlSsU91m
  • – Following this morning’s attack in , a pro- channel incites lone wolf attacks on synagogues in the U.K.
  • – Policeman killed, another injured in bomb blast in western Baghdad – – https://t.co/FI3JmzTY9O
  • #Egypt – Gunmen kill five Egyptian police south of Cairo – https://t.co/8GBA7MVogD
  • – Explosion in Paktia leaves 3 civilians wounded – https://t.co/sXWzwJ3sLM
  • – Possible threat to doctors and police officers. On the run on bus line 74.
    ** A woman said the suspect told her he wanted to kill doctors and policemen. Was apparently wearing a device to monitor his heart.
  • – Attack on checkpoint south of Cairo: 5 policemen killed: officials.
  • says civilians fleeing Raqqa in droves but thousands still trapped – https://t.co/k7fm81Pcpv
  • – Salah Abdeslam hid his weapons in a school – https://t.co/puiOI1k9vm
  • – 1 police officer shot and killed – https://t.co/If1Yit7H0m
  • – Shooting attack: 3 wounded. Assailants neutralized. – https://t.co/K0ronzKFlK
    ** Update: 2 police officers died in hospital after being shot.

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