Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 15

  • – Police arrested a man armed with 2 knives, who attempted to enter a synagogue this morning in the area.
  • – Police believe the weapons used in the Temple Mount terror attack were hidden in the holy site days ahead of the attack
  • – Man arrested at London City Airport for terrorism offence – https://t.co/x0X9plJxJI
  • – Car bomb explosion reported in the al al Jadeeda area.
  • – Acc to a military account, a suspicious man, armed with an axe was intercepted in a shopping mall. Disarmed by army.
    ** After having disarmed the subject, police arrived and the army assisted police. Investigation ongoing.
    ** Soldiers were informed @ . Today was a very crowded day, due to the weather and the sales period.
    ** Nevertheless, an army patrol was able to find the suspect a few hundred meters further, @ the shopping mall on the
    ** Suspect had a plausible explanation for the possession of the axe. Search conducted @ his house too. Man released.
    ** Man bough the axe as a requisite for a photo shoot.
  • – Egypt’s Coptic Church cancels official visits & ramps up security after warnings – https://t.co/jgrlFeX2rh
  • – 1 wanted terrorist killed late Friday – https://t.co/CFf9zbkAUr
  • – Attacker had ties to .
  • – Five gunmen were reportedly killed in a shootout with Egyptian police on Saturday, a security source said.
  • – 4 terrorists killed in fighting with security forces.

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