Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 16

  • #IS – MustRead thread :
    1/ I want to tell u today the story of 8yr old Yazidi girl, forced to work for 3yrs as slave by ISIS fighters in Raqqa. I met her in Kobani.
  • – Acc to security sources the 28yo attacker was in touch with through the internet.
    **  instructed him to carry out attacks on foreign tourists in Hurghada.
  • – IED blast kills civil servant in western Baghdad – https://t.co/XTkZshMcCN
  • closes its last restaurant in Kirkuk amid supply shortage – https://t.co/fOWx8H8mje
  • – VBIED explosion in the military port of Ras Shamra has been claimed by .
  • – Iraq arrests ‘ fiercest female member, south of Mosul – https://t.co/nKdAWAHzki

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-16 om 21.36.42

  • – Boni operation boss blames ‘new outfit’ for terror attacks – https://t.co/PipqlUo3UC
  • – Egyptian Air Force intercepted & destroyed 15 vehicles containing arms & ammo, coming from , in the Western Desert.
  • – How ‘ long reach has affected Singapore – https://t.co/iiRreZhLhd
  • – Security forces kill terror suspect during firefight – https://t.co/ZiY3RBUwNq

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