Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 18

  • – Bodies of five victims, including mayor, killed by , found northwest of Kirkuk – https://t.co/egcGKXrRHp
  • – Coventry woman arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences – https://t.co/u2LGUVIGz6
  • – Egyptian security forces kill prominent Islamic State militant in North Sinai – https://t.co/dGmj5UCEeN
  • – NC man pleads guilty to murdering neighbor in the name of – https://t.co/t83wQ83TJw
  • – Syrian citizen sentenced to 3 years in prison in Germany for belonging to a foreign terrorist organization.
  • – Egypt police trap and kill top militants: govt – https://t.co/cGSVrVk50h
  • – Massive fire ripping through US military base after rocket strike – https://t.co/rNV4viFZ4S
  • Recommended reading for anyone who wants to know and understand more of the non-military jihadi cultural practices. (ISBN 978-1-107-61456-7)
  • claims 10 Filipino soldiers were killed during clashes in the Lilod Madaya neighborhood.
  • recommends the use of the app Simulator to learn to operate an aerial drone
  • female snitches found dead in abandoned house west of Mosul – https://t.co/KYHFniBsNS
  • attack Lamu GSU camp hours after Uhuru tour – https://t.co/ZM8o9H4Jw8
  • – Philippine troops clear 50 more buildings of terrorists – https://t.co/Ae6VUzhlbS

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