Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 20

  • – Qatar’s Emir orders changes to law combating terrorism – https://t.co/n9xsASrMk2
  • – Extreme right wing, ultra-nationalists attacked the Neve Şalom synagogue. Rock throwing and threats made.
  • – German teenager found in Mosul was ‘wife of Chechen fighter and killed Iraqi soldiers” – https://t.co/bEl7eXA6CO
  • – 1 40-year-old male arrested. Was allegedly preparing something big. CT-investigation opened. – https://t.co/SLgIHFhgcA
  • – Suspicious package @ . Avenue partially sealed.
    ** End of ops.
  • – Sectarian singing and pro- banner display at match to be investigated by police – https://t.co/pobIOvoMUG
  • kill two in Kiunga, Lamu County – https://t.co/HvIWA3iYwp
  • – 5 charged with terrorism offenses – https://t.co/15wjfBlT3e
  • – European Court for Human Rights says terror convict ‘s words were no freedom of speech – https://t.co/GelfEcIJ27
  • – 56-year-old Turkish national arrested over suspected financing of terror group – https://t.co/4DXfAmANCY
  • – Reports of attempted stabbing attack in , West Bank.
    ** Attacker shot and killed on scene.
  • – Iraqi forces recapture village south of Mosul from : police – https://t.co/LwTOJRMifU
  • – Pipe bomb attack kills one policeman, wounds another – https://t.co/cKZP3l3d1S
  • – Soldier martyred, 13 terrorists killed during Operation Khyber-IV – https://t.co/IM1gJUrQTs
  • returnee Laura H. can wait for her trial in freedom – https://t.co/UaaNkdJJTy
  • postman who joined in has been charged with terrorism offenses – https://t.co/kJC2eph9IC
  • – PKK terrorist with $283,000 bounty on his head killed in anti-terror ops in eastern Turkey – https://t.co/OYvVKv0fGT
  • – Taliban launch coordinated car bombing in Helmand using Humvee vehicles – https://t.co/nEBMwrXLak

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