Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 23

  • – At least 10 killed as car bomb explodes in Kabul
    ** The death toll of the car bomb attack in Kabul increases to 12
    ** Death toll rises to 24. Attack claimed by . – https://t.co/kHEOoy8QUx
  • – Terrorist cell dismantled – https://t.co/ScBbIiQYeQ
  • – Centre Parcs visitors evacuated from communal areas and told not to leave their lodges, due to a “serious incident”.
    ** Sources indicate a suspicious bag has been left unattended in the men’s room.
    ** Officers are investigating after someone overheard mention of a suspect device. Nothing has been found: police.
  • orders leader execution over espionage, southwest of Kirkuk – https://t.co/ewjQgY3arc
  • – 9 soldiers dead in -linked grenade attack – https://t.co/r2jZ7NZ4OZ
  • – Attempted stabbing of an Israeli security officer at embassy in Jordan. Attacker killed. – https://twitter.com/RotterNet/status/889160032096587776
  • Study: weapons are the main source of illegal arms on the dark web – https://twitter.com/RANDCorporation/status/889145080405139459
  • – Beijing police hunt for attacker after fatal hit-and-run – https://t.co/ehTpVYUPeA
  • – Egypt police kill 8 Hasm movement members in shootout west of Cairo – https://t.co/Fp45jSOx00
  • terrorists kill civilian – https://t.co/tog6mMLy9w
  • – Cheikh Bassam , who used to live in , has reportedly been arrested by in .
    ** In 2015, Ayachi lost an arm when a bomb hit his car in Syria. He is the oldest known Belgian FTF (70).
    ** Belgian officials regard him as a recruiter who has been sending FTFs to Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan for many years.
    ** He has been arrested by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, a Salafist jihadist group, presumably due to fighting between groups.

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