Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 24

  • – Palestinian member gets life sentence in Austria for inciting killings of Jews – https://t.co/oxeevfAxfD
  •   – Kansas man sentenced to 30 years in plot to explode car bomb at Fort Riley – https://t.co/9EmGyRajtW
  • – Boycotting countries announce new list of terrorism backed by Qatar – https://t.co/twaejpooVv
  • – Colombia’s rebels to debut political party on Sept. 1 – https://t.co/p6ziKlSn65
  • – 1 soldier killed, 2 wounded in attack – https://t.co/4o3vgoDHUB
  • – Hezbollah claims gains against Nusra Front in western Syria – https://t.co/Yp2hseqlbr
  • – New video calls Trump ‘brainless billionaire’, ‘most stupid president’ – https://t.co/KA2z4siW19
  • – Pakistani official says at least 12 people have been killed in a car bombing in the eastern city of Lahore
    ** 12 killed, 15 injured.
    ** Death toll rises to 15. Attack happened close to the Afra Kareem tower: dept of defense.
  • – Schaffhausen sealed off amid security threat. Probable chainsaw attack. – https://t.co/99iEP7nvdW
    ** At least 5 injured: Reuters, citing police
    ** 2 of the injured are in a serious condition.
    ** This is an ongoing situation. Attacker on the run. Motive unknown at this point.
    ** 1 elderly man sustained serious head injuries. Massive deployment of security and rescue services.
    ** Police reinforcements from neighboring areas underway.
    ** Police in Swiss town of Schaffhausen say attack by chainsaw-wielding suspect NOT an “act of terror.” Suspect identified, but still at large.
  • – How improved intel has boosted anti-terror ops in J&K – https://t.co/N7VUNRDNPl
  • treating & evacuating male in moderate condition after being stabbed in Petah Tikva.
    ** Attacker arrested.
    ** Confirmed as terror attack.
  • – Death toll rises to 35.
  • – 1 terrorist arrested – https://t.co/SdYa36Nzo7
  • – Two Maoists arrested outside minister Mamata Banerjee’s house – https://t.co/NuaR43r7As

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