Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 25

  • – Air Maroc flight delayed due to bomb threat. Nothing found. – https://t.co/xPLsh2DKY9
  • – Security forces recover 5-kg IED – https://t.co/vkftNPTVMC
  • – Turkish Airlines from to diverted to Algiers due to bomb threat.
    **  A female passenger claimed to have explosives on her. Security services are now trying to figure out her identity and her nationality. She’s under arrest.

  • Today in history: – 25/07/1995: Large attack @ RER station Saint-Michel. 8 killed and 117 injured.
  • video with Italian subtitles, talking about Rome – https://t.co/GW5O6odIN2
  • counter terror school – https://twitter.com/IDFSpokesperson/status/889820713317781504
  •   soldier detained for attempting to provide material support to – https://t.co/w82E7JmSHW
  • – 104 terrorists neutralised till July 16, this year, Centre tells Parliament – https://t.co/hWByyB8yGH
  • – Police officer killed, 2 others injured in blast in western Baghdad – https://t.co/e0cp7QLfTy
  • – 1 arrested after attacking a police officer with a knife.
    ** Suspect tried to cross the border from and was arrested @ 7.35 am.
  • – Turkey drops terrorism claims against German firms – https://t.co/qjpVi67C5k

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