Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 26

  •  – U.S. to impose stricter electronic carry-on airport screening – https://t.co/sSf7uyrMrq
  • – Presidential decree to set up National Council to counter terrorism – https://t.co/vGMKhOm8fH
  • – Booby-traps plague north Iraq as targets returning civilians – https://t.co/XTVe0rdBcM
  • publishes pics of a suicide attack on Kurdish forces, carried out by Swedish FTF Abu al-Farouq al-Suwaydi.
  • – Dutch FTF recorded a rap song in Syria. Threatens to come back to NL and behead people – https://t.co/8YpdZRSRmZ
  • publishes names of 2 Tunisian suicide attackers – https://t.co/QH6AkPdXVK
  • – New jihad movement: Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind. – https://twitter.com/Jasminechic00/status/890289608545759233
  • distributes a decree forbidding to watch violent movies and to listen to anasheed.
  • – Dutch nationals arrested on suspicion of implication in terrorist activities – https://t.co/3DeFrG9sTw
  • – TTS terrorist among 21 suspects held in Punjab operations: ISPR – https://t.co/AezkSbi1Tk
  •   Police officer attacked with knives. Attacker shot and wounded. Investigation ongoing. No more details for now
    ** Not terror related. Bailiff wanted to repossess attackers car. Police came back. Attacker armed with knife
    ** 1 warning shot in the air. Attacker refused to drop knife. Was subsequently shot in stomach.
  • – Two injured in Norwegian shopping centre stabbing – https://t.co/0PpKglT74P
    ** 2 injured, condition unknown at this point – attacker under arrest – investigation ongoing – no motive: police
  • – Constable shot dead by suspected militants in Kulgam district of south Kashmir – https://t.co/z2WSZMa6Kn
  • – Attacker freed without charges.
    ** El Mundo has rectified. Attacker is going to jail.
  • – Man with knife and Quran attacks 2 police officers – https://t.co/nQ8R5BM1Eo
    ** He escaped hospital today
  • – 3 terror suspects arrested – https://t.co/3dMICHeMHb
  • ICYMI: The full 2016 Global Terrorism Database data set is now available at

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 23.44.35.jpg

  • 36 y/o Salafi preacher sentenced to 5,5 yrs in for providing support for jihadist group in .
  • Learning from IS’s virtual propaganda war for Western Muslims: comparison of Inspire and Dabiq – https://t.co/b8YR3JXRhc
  • – Mortar missile, IED blast leave civilian killed, six others wounded in Baghdad – https://t.co/dBGHsiqoBp
  • Report: 73% of terrorists have citizenship in country of attack – https://t.co/zaGGcK6pLt
  • – Separatist leader sent to 7-day custody in terror funding case.
  • (kept on terror list) calls for another day of rage on Friday.
  • . zooming in on the afterlives of ISIS members. We cannot lose track of them – https://t.co/zUs8n1yNFl
  • – Man arrested on suspicion of terrorism offence – https://t.co/s8JWdLT30k
  • wives: Why I joined the ‘caliphate’ in Raqqa – https://t.co/snBIKqlQ03
  • – European Union keeps on terror list.
  • – At least 30 soldiers killed in an overnight attack, scores missing – https://t.co/XbluXS355v
    ** 80 insurgents killed in the attack.
  • Today in history – – On July 26, 2016 catholic priest Jacques Hamel was killed in his church by 2 IS jihadis.
  • recruiters lure Indonesian maids working in Hong Kong – https://t.co/aTXhWQC45L
  • – Terror plan foiled as weapons seized – https://t.co/ffm3RNVgRa
  • – Suspected militants kidnap oil survey team in northeast Nigeria – https://t.co/nXT21HCYBu
  • – Air Maroc flight delayed due to bomb threat. Nothing found. – https://t.co/xPLsh2DKY9

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