Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 28

– One dead, several wounded in knife attack at a supermarket – Motive unknown at the moment
** Attacker arrested – acted alone
** Supermarket knife attack – The attack happened in Hamburg-Barmbek
** Supermarket knife attack – The supermarket belongs to the EDEKA chain
** Picture of the attacker in the police car – Image Marco Zitzov

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 16.45.47.png

** Supermarket knife attack – The supermarket belongs to the TEDI chain (not EDEKA as reported earlier)
** Supermarket knife attack – A robbery should be excluded, the man entered the supermarket and started to stab everyone
** The attacker fled the scene and was followed by bystanders Police caught him in a nearby street.
** Witnesses claim the man shouted Akhbar” while stabbing, but police would not confirm this
** Police department Hamburg reports that besides the deadly victim, 4 other persons were injured
** The attacker was not caught by the police but by bystanders who followed him. His injuries were from them
** Witness before the camera (in German) 1/2 – https://twitter.com/IanBennett23/status/890944264238182401
** Witness before the camera (in German) 2/2 – https://twitter.com/IanBennett23/status/890945666842853378
**  Tagesspiegel, citing security sources, says the knife attacker was known as Islamist.
** Images after attacker had been caught – https://twitter.com/euronews/status/891005880854073344
** Person who was killed is a 50-year-old German national (based on ID papers)
** Wounded are being treated in hospital. (Males of 64, 57, 56, 35 & 19) Some of them in severe condition.
** Attacker has been identified as a 26-year-old, born in the United Arab Emirates. Current citizenship unknown.
** Investigation is being conducted by homicide squad and state security.
** Attacker was an illegal alien who couldn’t be extradited due to lack of papers – https://t.co/UbBovTx0Aj
** Der Spiegel says the attackers has contacts in the Salafi scene, has mental health problems and is taking drugs.

  • – ‘Reinforcements’ caught sneaking into Marawi warzone – https://t.co/gtW0VfGzTR
  • – 9 soldiers injured in -claimed (-linked) IED explosion – https://t.co/9OtipCLdXx
  • – Attempted stabbing attack on Israeli soldiers near West Bank settlement Gush Etzion, no injuries reported, suspect subdued. (I24)
    ** Attacker has now died of his wounds.
  • Video tutorials on how to make bombs are being spread again through invitation only channels on .
    ** Note the mention “may contain music”. This is to warn really strict jihadis, since they avoid listening to music/instruments.
  • : bombed insurgents’ hideouts 108 times from April to June 2017, says Air Component Commander, Op Lafiya Dole.
  • Fermeture du centre de déradicalisation de
  • – First day of festival last week, it came under a terrorist threat – https://t.co/iEsjsun8Ah
  • – BJP state office attacked in Kerala capital – https://t.co/iwV5Xqpea4
  •    –  captive John Cantlie is reported dead after operations end. from Al Sura ground team in
  • – Small study on FTFs in Syria – https://t.co/bbcCeN13bl
  • – With Hajj weeks away, Yemeni rebels fire missile near Mecca – https://t.co/RlfsYbFre9
  • – 1 civilian died when 4 suicide terrorists blew themselves up.
  • – Base of leader is a tunnel dug by Palestinians in the 80s – https://t.co/8dS0orEccg

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