Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 29

  • – Expect delays at airports due to extra security precautions, arrive earlier than planned: PM.
    ** Australia disrupts terror plot to bring down airplane: PM.
    ** The operation is ongoing. Police have found a number of items of interest: police.
    ** Chief of police believes the terror plot was Islamist inspired. No one has been charged so far.
    ** Police have asked courts to extend the custody deadline for the 4 under arrest.
    ** Police will be @ houses raided yesterday for several days.
  • – Suicide bombers kill 14 in Nigeria’s northeast – https://t.co/xEWzunvWlT
  • I just uploaded ‘ Tries to Activate Amateur Attackers in the West’ to ! – https://t.co/l7mamxRAAy
  • – Female leader captured – https://t.co/Of4dOs67OD
  • attempts to shoot down helicopter carrying governor – https://t.co/eERIH1TGFu
  • blow up a water dam with explosives – https://t.co/Xc0liMRMj5
  • – Home of Kenya Deputy President William attacked: security source
  • Southeast Asian states vow cooperation on ‘growing’ militant threat – https://t.co/iIPQj8LcvI
  • – Suspected militants issue video of 3 kidnapped oil survey team members – https://t.co/lO26wkldn0
  • Sydney Terror Arrests: “These searches and the broader investigation remain ongoing” – Australian Federal Police. Four men arrested tonight.
  • – Donbas militants preparing terrorist acts to blame Ukrainian army: ATO – https://t.co/2JLicX27Ts

#Hamburg – #Stabbing – 1 dead + 4 injured (continuation from yesterday)
** Acc to Der Spiegel, this is yesterday’s attacker.
** Press conference:
** there is indeed an Islamist motive, but also mental instability. This makes it unclear which motive took the upper hand.
** Attacker was known to security services and registered as Islamist, not as jihadist.
** He had contacts with radical islamists. Attacker handled alone.
** The attacker was indeed to be extradited, since he was refused as a refugee.
** The process to get all necessary documents together had been started.
** Attacker informed himself yesterday if his extradition documents were underway.
** All people who were injured are not/no longer in a life threatening condition.
** Police chief now to address press.
** 1st emergency call @ 3.11 pm. Attack @ 3.10 pm.
** At that point it was not clear if it was a terrorist attack.
** 3.13 pm first police on scene
** Police had to fire warning shots because of people attacking the attacker.
** Attacker tried to attack other people while on the run.
** Homicide squad was called to the scene. At that point it wasn’t yet clear if there was another attacker.
** State security was subsequently alerted.
** Crisis team was sent, since people could suffer from psychological effects due to the attack.
** Then established there was no other attacker.
** Lead investigator now to speak.
** Shortly before 3 pm, attacker arrived at supermarket. Left again. Took bus @ 3.08 pm, but got off immediately after.
** Entered supermarket again. Took a 20 cm blade knife, took it out off the wrapping. Attacked the deadly male victim.
** Attacker 2nd male victim, followed by another 19yo male at the entrance. Left supermarket. Went to house number 186.
** Attacked a woman with a knife and another one with his hands. Crossed the street and attacked another one.
** Civilians captures attacker. He was still holding the knife at that point.
** Prosecutor to speak.
** Exact motive will be difficult to establish.
** Investigating judge immediately agreed to issue search warrant.
** Attacker was found in April 2017 while shoplifting.
** At this point no indications of any criminal records within Europe.
** Prosecutor will try to charger with murder and 5 counts of attempted murder.
** Attacker refuses to talk at the moment.
** Attacker was known as possible Islamist due to info of an acquaintance. He saw changes: no alcohol any longer, talking about Koran the entire time.
** Attacker spoke English, Swedish and Norwegian during his police interview at that time.
** Was known for religiously motivated radicalization and psychological trouble. No indications of a network at that time.
** Last time they saw him, he expressed his wish to leave Germany.
** End of press conference.

  • – Four killed in landmine explosion – https://t.co/XgIClAvZiz
  • – Several under arrest in investigation into terror plot – https://t.co/7clidcUv7o
    ** Statement by the PM – https://t.co/WLPXKR0YRo
  • – Land mine explosion hits passenger bus at a security checkpoint at Ex-control. (Garowe)
  • – Turkey arrests British man at resort over ‘Kurd militia links’ (YPG) – https://t.co/GxjQVIq7vk
  • – Counter-terror raids ongoing in Lakemba and Wiley Park. (7News)

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