Terrorism Telegram Newsline – July 30

  • under federal investigation for selling goods to person on terrorism list – https://t.co/0ONR0eVETg
  • – Muslim radio shut down after broadcasting 25 hours of lectures by recruiter al-Awlaki – https://t.co/K3wKAid6rc
  • – Policeman killed, six wounded in eastern Saudi Arabia attack – https://t.co/t88sByH9Kk
  • – Police claim poison gas was going to be released into plane cabin, killing all on board.
  • – Police officers injured in Caracas after explosion in anti-government protest
  • – How do elite police officers train – https://t.co/NLrmhisdL4
  • – Official says attack kills 2 police – https://t.co/A7kEMiwLL4
  • – Terrorists face tougher penalties as Attorney General gets new powers to review lenient sentences – https://t.co/pVenljLPcC
  • – Commander orders siege on Anbar’s havens preparing for invasion – https://t.co/PJl0Gvx9NQ
  • – Young fighter arrested by Afghan intelligence in Nangarhar – https://t.co/AICSVw92WN
  • – Explosion @ Action Française overnight – https://t.co/b4MrcNlkWy
  • – NIA conducts raids in Jammu in connection with terror funding – https://t.co/GQBz23fc17
  • – Syrian army kills 18 terrorists in Salamyia countryside – https://t.co/pWRPPgcv5U
  • – Ministers strip 150 jihadists of UK passports – https://t.co/TVE9eXXOne
  • – Syrian Army kills scores of Islamists in new east Damascus advance – https://t.co/aP3UdrvXRI
  • convoy attacked. Many casualties feared. – https://t.co/Uu9KiOR2P3
  • – Large explosion heard.
    ** Blast occurred along the Maka-al-Mukarama road in the business district. 1 vehicle seen burning.
    ** Preliminary toll: 5 killed, 13 injured.
  • – Shooting in nightclub. 1 killed, 3 injured. Attacker shot and seriously injured. – https://t.co/NmP4L6fmWs
    ** Suspect is a 34-year-old male, police do not release identity. Ongoing investigation. No motive yet.
    ** Attacker subsequently died in hospital.
    **  DW, citing police, says police are working on assumption the shooting is gang related.
    ** Shooter allegedly is an Iraqi, known to police. Did not enter Germany as asylum seeker.

  • – 2 terrorists eliminated. Reports are indicating they were Hizb-ul-Mujahideen members.

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