Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 2

  • – Unusual phone scam: someone is calling elderly people and demanding money, because their email address is ‘linked to terror attacks’. – https://t.co/JhOvCucTqa
  • – 3 killed as ambushes commuter bus – https://t.co/zDnLR2Qm5q
  • claims having killed and injured 19 YPG fighters in 2 SVBIED attacks east of Raqqa.
  • – Briton Ryan Lock killed himself in Syria to avoid being captured by – https://t.co/rYT0S58QL1
  • – Terror suspect arrested at London Southend Airport – https://t.co/eXOMkMyX2M
  • released a picture of the 2 suicide attackers: ‘Umayr ‘Asim and Tayyib al-Khurasani.
  • has now claimed the attack, adding 50 were killed and 80 wounded.
  • – 1 detained for possible jihadist links – https://t.co/9txSDJOj6e
  • – Islamist Birmingham bomb gang plotting British mainland atrocity found guilty – https://t.co/Cg2AvjWR6A
  • – Palestinian woman arrested with knife at checkpoint – https://t.co/1MfBgud91g
  • Research paper: what happens when becomes an online caliphate? – https://t.co/2PfGDzH7Cc
  • ‘s Radio Andalus’ website has been hacked.
  • – One injured in stabbing attack in Yavneh supermarket – https://t.co/ZDVdJt4XX1
  • attacks Syrian army east of Homs: monitors – https://t.co/Y82Q5zFNBN
  • – Pakistani launches women’s magazine – https://t.co/iToWBNBfZX
  • – War in Yemen: ‘s laboratory – https://t.co/IuEVTIV5xl
  • – Suicide attack targets foreign forces convoy in Kandahar – https://t.co/igBdBSdjEH
    ** Resolute Support statement.
    ** the attack caused casualties
  • – Senior officials meet with Iranian official in Beirut – https://t.co/BySK3EuuhM
  • – Abdul Merhi, 1 of the 4 arrested over the airplane terror plot, released without charges.
  • – Explosion reported, casualties feared – https://t.co/gqP5L1C21i
  • – Six policemen killed in attack on a check post in Nawa district of Helmand on Tuesday night: Tolo.

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