Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 4

  • – Five of a family including children killed in attack – https://t.co/9lx3aAhSm9
  • – Suicide attack on leprosy center foiled – https://t.co/AYJEZniFg2
  • – 3 terrorists killed in an encounter with security forces. 1 police officer injured.
  • – 2 Moroccan merchant navy officers kidnapped by Nigerian pirates – https://t.co/1djypEbtZT
  • – 1 killed and 5 kidnapped by armed assailants.
  • – J&K Police rescue two teenage boys who wanted to join militancy fearing failure in exams – https://t.co/zK0d1U51U7
  • – Still no clue about 2014 sabotage of nuclear power plant – https://t.co/3Xi203Zjkm
  • kill 15 border guards – https://t.co/w5KzNhSSeL
  • – Afghan forces repel attacks in Helmand – https://t.co/Nk9poqKUI0
  • group was behind failed plot: police – https://t.co/WM1CkKNvqs
  • – A roadside bomb targeted a deputy chief of Sako police station. Officer is safe, vehicle slightly damaged.

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