Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 5

  • – Alleged member (acquitted in Belgium), living in Belgium, files complaint against Turkish MoI – https://t.co/HlLDpKde7R
  • Security Council unanimously approves new sanctions on North Korea.
  • hails ‘hard work’ on security after 2015 terror attacks – https://t.co/pfLv5cbamz
  • – Explosion @ Dar Al-Farooq Islamic center. No injuries. Local PD, FBI & ATF on scene. Investigation ongoing.
    ** Community leader says the center was bombed. Police still investigating & saying cause unclear. Initial call: 5.05 am.
  • – Deadly car bombing plot foiled in Kabul city – https://t.co/gTdeEvjHVQ
  • twins case close to being transferred to High Court – https://t.co/rfaZuSrbnW
  • – Afghan police officer killed after firing on advisers – https://t.co/NhlD4JtHJZ
  • insurgents suffer heavy casualties in and air strike – https://t.co/cMKZX3jDp8
  • gunmen killed governor & his brother last night – https://t.co/PIfGzzWjwk
  • : PNP: Police officer joined Maute group – https://twitter.com/cnnphilippines/status/893782288990744576
  • – Army shells positions near Syrian border – https://t.co/C0Q3gmq93M

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