Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 8

  • Explosion in Ashkelon area moments after code red sirens sound in southern Israel. (Hatzolah)
    ** Rocket landed in open area. No injuries reported
    ** Israeli Air Force is now carrying out retaliatory air strikes in Gaza.

  • Bomb alert @ west station
    ** Police had to open fire on a vehicle. It was immobilized. Suspect said there are explosives on board.
    ** Police believe this is probably not true, but better safe than sorry, so bomb squad on the way.
    ** Shops around the vehicle have now been evacuated. Area sealed off.
    ** Bus lines 126, 127, 128 and 129 have been deviated
    ** Around 400 people are confined within the security perimeter. Suspect not yet identified.
    ** Car with German license plates was first seen in when it drove through red lights. Police started pursuit.
    ** The car rammed 2 police vehicles before being stopped in .
    ** La Dernière Heure says the suspect is a 36-year-old male, Jean-Claude Nshuti. To be confirmed.
    ** If the German license plates on the Citroen Picasso are not fake, the car comes from the Alzey-Worms region in Germany
    ** Bomb squad investigating the car.
    ** Suspect (Rwandese national) was registered in Belgium until 2009. After that in Germany.
    ** Bomb squad still on scene, no explosives found until now
    ** No terrorist motives found until now: prosecutor.
    ** No explosives found. Suspect not known to police services and is giving inconsistent declarations for the time being.
    ** No indications yet why he tried to flee the police.
    ** Suspect was unarmed and believed to be mentally unstable: prosecutor.

  • – Trump weighs unprecedented plan to privatize much of war in Afghanistan says founder – https://t.co/MIij4P8S4O
  • ‘s transport facilities need additional anti-terrorist protection: chief – https://t.co/2Nv3VehXxX
  • – Spanish police say they have detained Turkish-Swedish writer upon TR allegation of terrorism – https://t.co/7aG5wYaSn2
  • – Cops scramble to stabbing at Brit train station. Investigation into circumstances ongoing. – https://t.co/asVIFiPtrJ
    ** Ticket office will remain closed until tomorrow.
  • attacks Syrian regime forces and kills 10 members east of Hama – https://t.co/n0YjIv8Oc6
  • – Security forces arrest senior intelligence official in Mosul – https://t.co/ygr6J7rQ2W
  • – Man who tried to attack @ on Saturday has been sent to a mental health institute.
    ** There they will examine him to find out if he can be prosecuted or not.
  • – Hayat Tahrir al-Sham () plots its next move in northern Syria – https://t.co/VBKPPqIT85
  • – 1 male under arrest. Was transporting explosives concealed in a DVD player.
  • – 2 would-be suicide bombers shot dead – https://t.co/tY10OHU17i

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