Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 9

– Car drives into group of soldiers and flees. 6 injured, 2 seriously. Manhunt on.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 19.34.22.jpg

** Soldiers are part of the operation.
** Soldiers were hit @ Place de Verdun
** Soldiers were ran over by a BMW that was parked and had been waiting at the exit of their base
** Soldiers are part of the 35th infantry regiment.
**  fanboys are already celebrating on .
** Ramming happened when 3 soldiers were relieving 3 others.
** The building where the ramming took place is owned by the municipality. Army uses it so soldiers can rest, eat and change themselves there.
** The 4 lightly injured soldiers should be able to leave hospital around noon. The more seriously injured ones have to undergo examinations first
** Anti-terror prosecutor not (yet) involved, since background in unknown up to now.
** Anti-terror prosecutor now in charge of the investigation.
** French officials: Man arrested north of Paris, police investigating possible link to car attack on soldiers.
** Man arrested by elite (Lille & Rouen) forces on A16 highway. Was shot 5 times. 1 police officer injured.
** Man born in 1980. Was arrested between and .
** Highway A16 closed in both directions.
** Search warrant is being executed at attacker’s place in .
** Search ongoing @ 41, rue Lucien Sampaix, .
** Army captures 4 terrorists – https://t.co/bgAQtBeU6P
** Little info on the elite officers who carried out the go fast arrest. – https://twitter.com/PoliceNationale/status/895329574111793153
** The suspect, Algerian national Hamou Benlatreche, was legally staying in France.

  • – Russia & Indonesia to boost anti-terrorist cooperation – https://t.co/6wwJNMj2uc
  • – 4 Pakistani army officers killed in shootout with militants – https://t.co/R0KJqghsxN

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