Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 11

  • For any questions on using your new app for iOS please go to or support@terrormate.com
  • terror claims the lives of 15-year-old child & soldier – https://t.co/hAHa9itrPA
  • – Three members killed, biggest explosives workshop found in western Mosul – https://t.co/FJLviWz2fM
  • – Nearly 10 people were killed, 20 others wounded this afternoon when gunmen attacked a madrassah in Chah Aab district.
  • – Suicide bomber blows himself up in front of a mosque. So far 1 soldier killed. – https://t.co/ubX3HzzeeC
    **  has claimed the attack.
    ** Updated toll: 4 killed, 6 injured
  • – The attack is reported in the 93rd issue of , without claiming the attack however.
    **  chief talks about arrest of man who rammed soldiers – https://t.co/AtC7ioFjQJ
  • – Two brothers from Umm al-Fahm arrested for supporting – https://t.co/pi3muDM9rW
  • – Egypt shootout kills extremists behind Copt attacks – https://t.co/ef7raSS8rc
  • – 30 insurgents killed as suicide vests explodes in Farah gathering – https://t.co/znXuEBn3bg
  • – Two killed, 25 injured in Bajaur Agency roadside blast – https://t.co/BzxrVE77Gi
  • The new is now available for iPhone! Real time info on (potential) terror attacks. – https://t.co/aVhXfK9oJA
    ** And on top of the updates: – Safety guidelines for the affected area. – Share location with friends and family. – In-app messaging.
  • used to funnel terror cash to US, feds say – https://t.co/iLVbSNsjLW

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