Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 13

  • – Police officer stabbed and killed by detainee, a suspected terrorist. Stabbed shot and killed.
    ** Man was detained on suspicion of preparing a suicide attack in Istanbul.
  • – Egyptian police kill two militants in raid: Ministry – https://t.co/Jfg3UQdY6b
  • – Explosion reported in PD1.
    ** 3 injured reported so far.
  • – Reports coming in of 2 American soldiers who have been killed and 5 who have been wounded in northern Iraq.
  • – 5 insurgents critically wounded while making bombs in Nangarhar mosque – https://t.co/7XZGzfQtlL
  • – Arena bomber’s brother ‘was part of 4-men cell plotting to assassinate UK ambassador to ’ – https://t.co/SS6MXBDpwb
  • – Terrorists fled injuring three security men in Bandipora – https://t.co/EXMXozKHvI
  • – At least five injured after coach rammed into bus terminal in Wuxi, in East China’s Province, cause unknown for now.
  • – Logar gunbattles leave 4 & 2 civilians dead – https://t.co/Gz3F4Sp28U
  • – Marines kill sub-leader – https://t.co/Hodbahbl8L
  • – Ghormach district has reportedly fallen to the – https://t.co/8tkYld7kzD
  • – 2 civilians injured in VBIED explosion – https://t.co/4o5srZTWKt
    **  has claimed the attack.

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