Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 14

  • – Driver intentionally rams his vehicle into a pizzeria. At least 8 injured.
    ** Driver intercepted and arrested
    ** First reports are indicating 1 girl died.
    ** 5 severely injured. Motive unknown at this point.
    ** Gendarmerie asks to avoid the area and to follow their instructions. Ops ongoing.
    ** Ramming occurred @ Pizzeria La Casena. Judicial police of Paris in charge of investigation at this point.
    ** Reports indicate the suspect has declared he wanted to commit suicide & that he had weapons in his vehicle.
    ** Deliberate act, no indications of terrorist motive at this point. (Prosecutor’s office)
    ** Suspect, a 39-year-old male, is unknown to police and intelligence agencies.
    ** Suspect is a 32-year-old male, deadly victim believed to be 13, not 8. 12 injured.

  • – Man convicted of sharing terrorist material – https://t.co/w0P5F75Yj9
  • warns new recruits of cutting fingernails – https://t.co/197aSmNjpE
  • – An imam from is behind the recruitment of jihadis – https://t.co/tNobuOPWf6
  • – Oklahoma man charged in anti-government bomb plot – https://t.co/hhsGLTizqF
  • The new is now available for iPhone! Real time info on (potential) terror attacks. – https://t.co/aVhXfK9oJA
    ** And on top of the updates: – Safety guidelines for the affected area. – Share location with friends and family. – In-app messaging.
  • – 4 security personnel injured in grenade attack.
  • – Heavy shooting reported near base and governor’s office. Avoid area.
  • – Four members, including leader, killed, fifth arrested in northern Diyala – https://t.co/7n0z6tBon5
  • – 20 men killed in weeklong clashes with fighters – https://t.co/qRFlZgApd2
  • – 12 dead and 7 injured in IED explosion in Dahle province.
  • Today in history, 1994: Illitch Ramirez Sanchez, aka Carlos the Jackal, was arrested in . He was the world’s most wanted terrorist.
  • – Police investigating car bombing in South Berlin – https://t.co/2J0qIS4Awn
  • – Analysis shows there were fewer terrorist attacks in 2016 – https://t.co/Un5b49hSyK
  • – Attorney General says Charlottesville car-ramming fits definition of domestic terrorism by US law.
  • – 2 killed in another attack – https://t.co/tzlipCmXGt
  • – 1 Russian and 3 Central Asians with connections detained for plotting suicide attacks in the city.
  • – Turkish forces ‘neutralize’ 43 terrorists in 7 days – https://t.co/agJg4WUIQA
  • – Police arrest 11 suspects in Ankara – https://t.co/gXjUNw0qvq
  • – Attack by susp. jihadis @ restaurant Istanbul. Preliminary toll: 17 killed, 8 injured – https://t.co/kaMLymK2WO
    ** A jihadist attack @ “Le Cappucino” café on January 15, 2016 left around 30 dead in the same street.
    ** CT ops ended: minister
    ** At least 1 French citizen killed: prosecutor
    ** French counter-terror prosecutor to open investigation too, since there is a French victim.

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