Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 15

  • – Man pleads guilty for conspiring to provide and for providing material support to – https://t.co/hREsZXng7H
  • – Female suicide bomber blows herself up. At least 27 killed and 83 injured.
  • – Colombia declares conflict with over, with disarmament complete: AFP
  • kills 5 police officers in – https://t.co/vr9KDM7HqM
  • – Egyptian policeman killed in North Sinai gun attack – https://t.co/B6xWAGpf9i
  • members killed before carrying out suicide attacks eastern Salahuddin – https://t.co/D05aTGbrk6
  • – Police arrest five suspected Islamist militants over plot to bomb presidential palace.
  • – Arena attack: Bomber received permission from in and recruiter in Dallas – https://t.co/ytDvW7cNoi
  • – Suspicious package.
  • – Bangladesh extremist killed in suicide blast as police prepared to raid his hotel room – https://t.co/Ip1GTV3Ktk
  • – Iraq starts offensive to retake Tal Afar from – https://t.co/Yo4MEwss2q
  • – 2 civilians dead, 8 injured in blast – https://t.co/5KZBfCKozM
  • – Bomb blast kills five-member family, including children, northeastern Diyala – https://t.co/wYD3eSeXhw
  • spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid critically wounded: Shaheen Corps – https://t.co/wYD3eSeXhw

  • – Former leader Abu is expected to address media.
  • – Security forces uncover terrorist payment network – https://t.co/ailTbTgsfU
  • – CTD has killed 2 terrorists.
  • – Belgian suspect Mehdi A. detained in Turkey after three years at large – https://t.co/owKCGzGEb8
  • – Water treatment plant at Chuwar evacuated due to suspicious package – https://t.co/okzTNIuCvw
  • – Suicide car bomber targeted security forces. No reports on number of casualties yet.
  • raids homes of suspected terrorists, confiscates funds given by – https://t.co/irhSlu99Um
  • calls for troops withdrawal in new open letter to Trump – https://t.co/wqxx5TmiNI

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