Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 17

For our continued coverage of the Barcelona and Cambrils events Click here

Other News on August 17

  • – US blacklists and attacks terror suspect.
  • – Seven militants felled in joint operation – https://t.co/uZqey7AvTU
  • – Explosion kills 3 & wounds 5 terrorists while they were trying to boobytrap a donkey – https://t.co/7juvmYZpEL
  • – Possibly radicalized young Belgian stopped in Turkey and sent back to – https://t.co/eW5pG6lzja
  • – Salah deferred to Brussels court for opening fire on police in Vorst in March 2016 – https://t.co/wfpU7XsXTW
  • executes 3 west of Anbar for refusing recruitment – https://t.co/9ebRw4yw1J
  • designates Hizbul Mujahideen a global terror outfit. – https://t.co/6DRnB7qiN1
  • – Suicide attack @ checkpoint – https://t.co/1yOuOAzWSx
  • – Two killed on Gaza-Egypt border in confrontation between and rival Islamist militants – https://t.co/YfyzVvB7x3
  • – Five wounded in a rocket attack on a house.




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