Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 18

– Several people stabbed. Assailant shot in the leg and detained. Police are asking to avoid Puutori-Market Square area.

** Images from the scene appear to be showing (an) assailant(s) shouting allahu akbar. To be confirmed.
** News about the attack is spreading fast on . They are even blurring out women on the pictures they’re using.
** Police are asking to come forward with any info on the attack. Call +358 503499187 or +358 50 3268089.
** Initial reports: 1 men, 5 women injured.
** Police are still searching the area for possible (not confirmed) other attackers
** Police are urging people again to leave the city center. Please follow their orders if you’re there
** 1 dead.
** Press conference @ 7 pm local @ police station: Eerikinkatu 40-42 in Turku.
** Visible police presence in Helsinki is stepped up.
** Crisis phone number opened in Turku – +358 02 262 6003
** Heightened police presence @ -Vanda airport.
** Intelligence service is involved in ongoing investigation. Too early to assess progress and background: intel service.
** 8 people have been taken to hospital, according to HS
** 3 people are undergoing surgery right now
** Too early to say if this is a terrorist attack: police chief
** Police were alerted @ 4.02 pm local, suspect apprehended @ 4.20 pm local.
** 2 people dead
** Suspect’s identity is being verified
** Not clear if other people are involved in the attack
** Police do not confirm or deny a terrorist motive at this point

Addional updates in our daily newslines

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Other news of August 18

  • – 1 male arrested. Pledged allegiance to on . – https://t.co/qpbzmx9hwd
  • – Ex-chief of jihadist ‘Islamic police’ on trial in Mali – https://t.co/vP6UABJgtY
  • – Stabbing. 1 dead, 1 injured. Suspect on the run. Motive unknown. – https://t.co/F2WEMEJEsE
    ** Attacker possible holed up. Elite police forces on scene
    ** Incident does not seem to be terror related for the time being. Will update if necessary.
  • – Bomb blast kills a Turkish guard in Hakkari province – https://t.co/7yFjDjsVlK
  • – Roadside bomb kills 3 soldiers in northern Burkina Faso – https://t.co/BrgNs5QgHo

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