Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 19

TURKU FINLAND – Continued from Yesterday – – Several people stabbed. Assailant shot in the leg and detained. Police are asking to avoid Puutori-Market Square area.
** Police raided an apartment in Turku late last night. Several people have been arrested. Police say they are “quite certain” about the attacker’s identity. 3 victims are still in ICU.
** Total: 2 killed, 8 injured (revised toll). Attacker under arrest + 5 arrested during raid.
** Attacker is an 18-year-old Moroccan: police
** Attack is now being investigated as terrorist murder and attempted terrorist murder
** Deceased victims are Finnish nationals. 1 Italian national and 2 Swedish nationals among the injured victims
** New press conference @ 2pm local
** The suspect

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 10.49.41.jpg

** 1 international search warrant issued for another suspect
** 1 of the 2 Swedish victims is in fact a U.K. citizen: police
** The attacker specifically targeted women. He arrived in Finland as a refugee last year.
** Several foreign intelligence agencies are now involved in the investigation
** Deceased victims are a 67-year-old woman and a 15-year-old girl

Other news of August 19

  • – UK terror threat rising as loses ground in : minister – https://t.co/wvVLqfKQXB
  • For people active on : note that the account “terroreventsspanish” has nothing to do with .
    ** The account just copies some of ‘ content, each time a few minutes after it’s published here. In Spanish.
  • TERRORMATE The app with our realtime alerts has been downloaded 3.087 times in just 8 days. Android coming soon. – https://t.co/XYDjPNFp5p
  • – Shooting reported near train station.
    ** Police are inside a TGV train now and searching for suspects. All passengers are being asked to put their hands up.
    ** Station evacuated. Authorities recommend to avoid the area until further notice.
    ** No shooting could be heard from within the train station. Police are looking for 2 suspects.
    ** Acc to Midi Libre, a witness alerted police after having seen 1 or more armed individuals.
    ** Statement by Préfet: no actual shooting, operation @ railway station due to some suspicious activity.
    ** Préfet asks again to stay clear of the area.
    ** 1 male under arrest. Was carrying an alarm gun in his bag.
    ** Area secured and released. All clear.
  • – Major police operations throughout the territory. For security reasons police ask not to spread locations.
  • – Pro- Telegram channel is suggesting Italy as next target for an attack.
  • – 54 people still in hospital. 11 in critical condition.
    ** People showing their gratitude to police officers for a job very well done.
    ** Terror cell as known at this point (El País)

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 23.25.51.png

  • – 2 arson attacks against railway infrastructure. Political motive not excluded. – https://t.co/L8hJsp4ueb
  • – 22-year-old Belgian woman of Moroccan origin arrested on suspected links to terrorist activities under a warrant.
  • – Palestinian in West Bank attack bid killed: Israeli police (AFP)
  • – Train derailment. 5 coaches derailed. Counterterrorism units on the way to the scene. (ANI)
    ** Officials are talking about an accident for the time being
  • claims attack.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 13.02.52.png

  • – 8 injured in new stabbing attack. Assailant shot and killed by police. Investigation ongoing.
    ** Stabber was a local resident. Acc to press agency assailant was mentally unstable.
    **  has claimed the attack

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 15.23.34.png

  • – 4 killed, houses torched in Lamu midnight attack. suspected. – https://t.co/v7pwwifXuU
  • – You might hear a few explosions. Nothing to worry about: they are controlled explosions, carried out by security services.
  • – A gendarme who was injured during the operation has now succumbed to his injuries

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