Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 20

  • – Australia’s strategy for protecting crowded places from terrorism – https://t.co/TibgpwlR0U
  • – Five militants killed while sneaking into western Anbar – https://t.co/1OQZReQjh2
  • – Student allegedly detained by army forces appears in new video – https://t.co/w3lwszWsub
  • – Air Force to put armed, plain clothes marshals on commercial planes in counter-terrorism effort – https://t.co/PuhsMQNuTB
  • – Audi A3, used in the attack, was recorded by speed cameras around , last week – https://t.co/yDtcwIDomR
  • – Federal judicial police in , has started an investigation into the imam’s activities.
  • – City center street sealed off due to suspicious item – https://t.co/AiqnKD475g
    ** Area released. Item was harmless.
  • – Toronto man who disappeared 3 years ago surfaces on Interpol list of feared suicide bombers – https://t.co/sL7hH1uldf
  • – Lebanese army raises Spanish flag on recaptured territory to show solidarity with – https://t.co/yPMyNe7ygF
  • – Lebanese Army killed 15 militants in day two of offensive: Army – https://t.co/zhDRV1UGxw
  • – Three Lebanese soldiers killed in landmine along border with Syria – https://t.co/c6bz0rf5ff

  • – Mossos confirm they are looking for a suspect, but that they don’t know his degree of implication in the attack.
    ** They also confirm 1 might have crossed the border into .
    ** Mossos confirm they believe the terrorists have been preparing their act(a) from the house in for months.
    **  – Missing boy Julian Cadman confirmed as victim of Barcelona attack :((
    ** If you’re attending the match @ , go well in advance and do not bring bags: police.
    ** None of the 12 suspects had a criminal record. Investigations ongoing.
    ** Identified victims so far: – 2 Italy – 2 Portugal – 1 USA – 1 Belgium – 1 Argentina – 1 UK-Australia minor – 4 Spain
    ** Victims still in hospital: 51 – 10 critically injured – 15 severely injured – 25 moderately injured – 1 lightly injured Note: these are the Spanish official figures of IDENTIFIED victims like I said. 21 minutes old.
    ** Mayor of Belgian city of Vilvoorde confirms man with name Es Satty has been there from January 2016 until March 2016. He adds that imam Abdelbaki Es Satty (or someone with the same name) visited several mosques to try and get hired.
    ** Police are asking for your cooperation @ road checkpoints at night. When you see one: turn on the lights inside your car

  • – Some 120 gas canisters found for ‘one or more’ attacks in Barcelona: police (AFP)
  • – 3 French citizens still in a critical condition
  • ’s deputy shadow governor for Balkh critically wounded in Alburz-12 operations – https://t.co/CYzki6zxV3
  • – Portrait of the imam of , Abdelbaki Es Satty, who is at the center of the investigation – https://t.co/jtqrQll8HG

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 10.27.04.jpg

  • – 2 more militants killed in Korangi encounter – https://t.co/AymYsakzMG
  • – At least 5 terrorists killed – https://t.co/CcAj4wg3PV
  • – Eight killed in ‘s Chamtal District – https://t.co/PkVfo8W1Z3
  • – Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi declared the start of operation to retake control of , a key northern Iraqi bastion of

  • – One dead in clashes with Islamists in Palestinian camp in Lebanon – https://t.co/wQoTcxlkrU
  • – Remains of a third person have been found @ the scene of the exploded house.

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