Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 21

  • -linked released an infographic on Barcelona and Cambrils attacks, claiming it were 2 covert branches.
  • – So far, Mossos has handled 329 calls and 511 emails with citizens’ information about last week’s terrorist attacks.
  • – The procedure to extradite her to Belgium has been started.
  • -affiliated has released a video (371 seconds), of Masa’ud al-Surghuti, the August 19 Surgut attacker.
  • – Mossos confirms imam Es Satty died in the explosion in Alcanar.
  • – FBI arrests 25-year-old Andrew Schneck, for attempting to maliciously damage or destroy property receiving fed. fin. assist.
    ** Schneck was kneeling in front of the General Dowling Monument
    ** Investigators believe the items in his possession were capable of producing a viable explosive device: FBI
  • – So far: 4 detainees and 8 dead suspected terrorists in investigation into attacks in and .
  • – Police are investigating a suspicious white van – https://t.co/FGOBIeVnYe
    ** Police presence is related to ongoing investigation, but there is no incident: Mossos.
  • – Mossos announce an incident and they will update shortly
    ** Different rumors are spreading, but TE will give an update when info is confirmed.
    ** Mossos says ops are still ongoing.
    ** La Vanguardia says Mossos have arrested Younes , the Barcelona attack suspect. To be confirmed.
    ** El Mundo, citing police sources, say a man shouting allah Akbar + wearing something resembling an explosives belt was shot
    ** Mossos say they received a notification of suspicious behavior and started an operation subsequently.
    ** Mossos confirms the suspicious person was wearing something that resembled an explosives belt. Suspect neutralized
    ** National police syndicate tweeted the suspect resembles Younes Abouyaaqoub.
    ** Bomb squad on scene
    ** Bomb squad deployed their robot to check on the explosives belt
    ** Avoid the area of the operation, road has been closed, heavy traffic: Guardia Civil
    ** Spanish media are saying the explosives belt was fake. No official police statement yet
    ** GEI (Grup Especial d’Intervenció), elite police forces, are on scene
    ** Police are asking not to spread the locations of their checkpoints and not to spread images
    ** Mossos confirms the person who was shot is fugitive terrorist Younes Abouyaaqoub.Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 18.27.30.png
    ** The usual questions that will rise now: – Where did he go after the attack? – Where did he hide? – Did someone help him – Has he been in touch with anyone? – Did he hide locally, or has he been traveling around? – …
    ** The average conversation between fanboys on after was shot by police.

  • – 1 person dead, one injured, after car crashed into two bus shelters. Driver has been arrested.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 11.36.13.png

** Not yet known if terror related. Police ops ongoing.
** Stay clear of the area
** Some supporters on are already saying it’s a “lion’s attack”, but nothing official
** Police ask to stay clear of Vieux-Port, boulevard Charles Livon.
** 35-year-old male under arrest. Known to police, but not for radicalization.
** French channel BFM says the suspect has allegedly stolen the vehicle and that he has mental problems.
** RTL says the deceased victim is a 42-year-old female
** Vehicle: a white Renault Master, stolen
** Acc to Le Point, the same vehicle (not known if same driver) was implicated in other accidents over the last few days
** At this point, the judicial police sections of Marseille and Lyon are investigating. No CT-units (yet)
** No elements point towards a terrorist act: prosecutor
** A letter from a mental health institute was found on the suspect
** Since a lot of people seem to have problems making a distinction between crime and terrorism, here’s an overview – 

Other news of August 21

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 13.43.07.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 09.24.52.png

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