Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 23

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  • – Images of the terrorists some time before the attack –
  • spreads new video with Spanish-speaking fighter, celebrating attacks and threatening with more.

  • Concert cancelled due to a police order. Hall is being evacuated. Reason unknown for now – https://t.co/UENKvzkIHy
    ** According to the venue it is due to a terror threat. No official police statement yet.
    ** Bystanders are calm and have been sent a bit further away. No panic at all. Perimeter slightly enlarged.
    ** More CT-units have arrived on scene. (RTV)
    ** Band members have left the venue through a back entrance and with a police escort.
    ** City and police to make a statement around 9.45 pm local
    ** Statement by mayor: A van with Spanish license plates was found @ Mijnsherenlaan.
    ** Inside the van: a number of gas cylinders. Driver has been stopped. Investigation ongoing if this could be linked to tonight’s potential terror threat @ concert venue.
    ** The mayor adds he is not allowed to give any specific details for the time being.
    ** The tip about the van came from Spanish police forces.
    ** Bomb squad is investigating the van, a white Renault.
    ** People making the link between the white Kangoo in Barcelona and this one: the only thing that is known at this point, is that the one in Rotterdam doesn’t have the same plates as the one from Barcelona. Which obviously doesn’t mean anything. But for the time being, you can not conclude it is the same van.
    ** Terror threat level in The Netherlands will not (yet) be adapted: NCTV.
    ** Van has been moved. Fire department has left the scene. People are allowed back in the area.
    ** Police statement – https://t.co/uzEiPbq9FG
    ** Counterterrorism official says van detained in Rotterdam not connected to recent vehicle attacks in Spain. (AP)
    ** Spanish newspaper El Espanol reports the driver of the van was drunk when stopped and says the gas was for domestic use

  • What can we learn from the court documents so far:
    ** The car used in the vehicular attack @ Las Ramblas was a white Fiat Talento, from the rental company Telefurgo.
    ** The van was driven by Younes . He drove approximately 700 meters, zigzagging to get maximum damage.
    ** Police so not know if he was armed or had explosives at that time. Inside the van: a passport of M Houmli Chemlal.
    ** Investigations show that 3 of the suspects were at Telefurgo’s offices (in ) twice. Vehicles hired on August 16

  • Explosives belt found in the remains of the exploded house – https://t.co/py8A9h2kiX
    ** Inside the remains of the exploded house, police found acetone (500 liters), peroxide, bicarbonate and a large quantity of nails and others. Tickets of airline carrier Vueling for imam Es Satty to Brussels were found too.
    ** A green book (belonging to Es Satty) was found. It contained a writing about and .
    ** Driss landed in Barcelona with an Air Arabian flight coming from Morocco on August 13. He had the same ticket for August 12. Tickets were paid for by Salh .

  • – Explosion reported close to police headquarters in Lashkargah city. Early reports state it was suicide bomber (Tolo)

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