Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 24

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  • – He confessed to domestic intel he wanted to commit a terrorist attack. (BFM)
  • – 95th issue of comes with an infographic on last week’s attacks. Fanboys call it a “blessed operation”.

  • Excellent reading on ‘ intelligence services – https://t.co/f2skF8vBiX
  • – Egyptian police kill 2 militants in shootout – https://t.co/hkNic4Vxsr
  • – Man armed with a knife and a gun arrested. Allegedly an Arab looking man.
    ** Important detail: the arrest happened near a venue where Allah-Las will be holding their performance tonight.
    ** Allah-Las is the same group that had to perform in , last night. Concert was cancelled due to a terror threat.
    ** During the arrest, 1 police officer was slightly injured.
    ** Police are saying the suspect is an Israeli citizen.

  • Possible explosives found. Amstelstraat and Blauwbrug sealed off. (cintinued from yesterday)
    ** Hand grenade found. Bomb squad will defuse and take it away.
    ** Hand grenade defused. Area expected to be released around 11.30 am local.
    ** Hand grenade was found at the entrance of Club Abe, a bar highly frequented by criminals
    ** In February of last year, shots were fired at the entrance of the same club. A month before, a bouncer at the same club was beaten up by a guest who threatened he would fire shots at the entrance too.
    ** New police statement – https://t.co/QQi5PBY5OA
    ** Chief of police says police received very specific information about a threat on last night’s concert from Spanish authorities. He considers the threat is over with the arrest of the 22-year-old male. The man is being suspected of involvement in the preparation of a terrorist attack.
    ** Driver of Spanish van released. Not considered a suspect. – https://t.co/yrWNbD97Ao

  • commander flees Tal Afar, leaving his wife behind – https://t.co/aEyz9gbpPW
  • – Marawi crisis in numbers as of August 23 (Davao Today)

  • – 22-year-old male arrested in province of Noord-Brabant. He is being questioned.
  • – Already 189 new terrorism cases opened in 2017 – https://t.co/VRKdNpKuU7
  • – The 2 who appear in the video are believed to be Abu Lais Al Qurdubi (Muhammad Yasin Ahram Pérez, 22) and Abu Salman Al Ándalus.

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