Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 25

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  • – Terror threat level stays at 3. Government will not be communicating today.
  • – Turkey arrests terrorist behind Iraqi PM murder plot – https://t.co/fCJoTroUYV
  • – 1 police officer killed after terrorists tried to attack El-Masora Check. (Sinai News)
  • – Man armed with sword attacks police officer outside – https://t.co/dfjiogqv2S
    ** Man has been arrested on suspicion of GBH and assault on police: Metropolitan Police
    ** Man was stopped in possession of a knife. 2 officers lightly injured when trying to arrest him. Were not taken to hospital.
    ** Metropolitan Police press release – https://t.co/Izx9zm6lk1

  • Man shot down by soldiers. Allegedly tried to attack them.
    ** 2 soldiers lightly injured. Attack happened Boulevard Emile Jacquemain.
    ** Important deployment of security forces. Current scene.

** Just 3 days ago, a jihadi channel was inciting for vehicular attacks less than 1 in away from this scene.
** Area completely sealed. Screens are being put up around scene of attack. (Pic: La DH)
** RTBF (state broadcaster) reports the assailant is a Somali, approx 30 years old, who was shouting allah akbar.
** 1 soldier sustained injuries to the hand, another to his face.
** Part of the avenue where the attack took place is sealed off. Residents can go home, but with police escort.
** Federal crisis center communicates situation is completely under control.
** Attacker is in life threatening condition
** Federal prosecutor is taking over investigation, meaning terrorist motive is at least suspected.
** Mayor Close says it is an isolated incident. Federal prosecutor investigating. (Pic: TOI)

** Police sealing the scene
** Molotov cocktail thrown @ police station yesterday – https://t.co/LBBrG9iFIz
** Attacker has now died. Federal prosecutor working with “attempted terrorist attack”.
** Somali attacker born in 1987. Investigation opened for attempted murder in terrorist context.
** Man, named only with his initials A.H., comes from and is originally from Somalia.
** Acc to local media, the attacker wasn’t known for terrorism, but for assault and battery. Man was legally in Belgium.
** Crisis Center’s press release in Dutch – https://t.co/62xybXl4C5
** Crisis Center’s Press release  in French – https://t.co/h6z2ViJ1FZ
** Attacker also had a fake gun and 2 Qurans on him: federal prosecutor.
** The attacker, originally from Somalia, came to Belgium in 2004 and was given Belgian nationality in 2015: prosecutor.

  • A number of gunmen enter a mosque in Qala-e-Najrha in PD11, eyewitnesses say. Gunfight continues in the area: Tolo. – https://t.co/4Twh0sTTj4
    ** Special forces on scene – https://t.co/4Twh0sTTj4
    ** Another explosion and gunfire heard.
    ** Preliminary toll: 2 killed, 11 wounded. Attack ongoing.
    ** Updated preliminary toll: at least 16 killed
    **  has claimed the attack.

  • ** Updated toll: Hospital official says at least 20 killed, 50 wounded: AP
    ** The suicide attackers were an Afghan and an Uzbek national.


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