Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 26

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  • – Man who stabbed soldiers hadn’t been seen around his house for the last 4 months: Mayor of .
    **  has claimed yesterday’s attack on soldiers in Brussels.

** Pro- channel sent out a photo of the attacker, saying he is Haashi al-Somali al-Belgiki.

  • – Two civilians injured in IED blast in Donbas: OSCE – https://t.co/GBb7BHqqkL
  • – 6 alleged extremists killed, 4 injured – https://t.co/jyg0UU58xM
  • – Extreme left website prohibited due to incitement to violence. – https://t.co/VPeUodmRkL
    ** House searches were carried out: different knives, steel pipes and more were seized.
  • – After suggesting at least 19 potential new targets over the last week, this poster was now published just now.
    ** After suggesting at least 19 potential new targets over the last week, this poster was published just now.
  • – Radical cleric indicted for recruiting supporters and facilitating efforts to join – https://t.co/PB6ioJakmD
  • – Attacker, a 26-year-old male from area had a 4-foot sword: police.
    ** He injured 3 police officers. 2 were taken to hospital for treatment: police.
    ** He drove his car deliberately at a police van and stopped in front of a restricted area: police.
    ** The officers were unarmed and succeeded in detaining him by using CS spray: police.
    ** Full police statement – https://t.co/CJNohOstPS
  • – Man appeared before court, has been put under arrest and charged. – https://t.co/mLVpADTkdk
  • – Terrorists attack district police lines, 3 security personnel killed – https://t.co/QiAupMiin7
  • – 3 terrorists who were extradited by Turkey to face anti-terror judge – https://t.co/R1xKvvOzpM
  • – Army announces having recaptured the center and citadel.
  • – Suspected militants kill 15 – https://t.co/so2ZMRiz4V
  • – Attacker also had a fake gun and 2 Qurans on him: federal prosecutor.
    ** The attacker, originally from Somalia, came to Belgium in 2004 and was given Belgian nationality in 2015: prosecutor.
    ** Terrorist Haashi A had been living in a social housing block in for 2.5 years.
  • – Man has now been arrested under terrorism charges – https://t.co/8dBgXP7KDl

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