Terrorism Telegram Newsline – August 28

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  • – DPRK fires ‘unidentified projectile’ which passes over northern Japan: Japanese government
    ** The ‘unidentified projectile’ apparently broke into pieces and fell into the Pacific Ocean East of , Japan
  • – Two militants killed in police operation in Russia’s Dagestan: anti-terrorism committee – https://t.co/keStuZO5QK
  • – Britain will be vulnerable to terrorists after Brexit, claims lead EU negotiator as he stokes security fears – https://t.co/MTNWrUb0QI
  • – Egyptian Army eliminates large number of terrorists in the Sinai – https://t.co/zg0TWFBzYt

  • – A Turkish -member is asking for help from Turkey – https://t.co/zgnY1OIbFO
  • – Man who attacked soldiers last Friday has wounded a colleague with a screwdriver in the past – https://t.co/mry3QcmfcM

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