TerrorMate – SafetyFirst

TerrorMate™ creates a structured mobile, real time, intelligence system that sends informative and factual terror alerts and safety guides during a terror attack or terror alert.

In any emergency, exchanging lifesaving information is priority #1. TerrorMate™ ensures this exchange is immediate and reliable:

1) Alert:

Notify anyone, anywhere, on any device.

2) Intel Feed

Gather critical information from our sources to keep you up to speed on events surrounding the threat. Users are also able to upload pictures, video or voice notes to our 24 hour control room.

3) Connect

Communicate with your friends/family on our encrypted T-Chat instant messaging system.

4) Locate

Share your location with friends/family by one touch or request another user’s location to ensure they are safe.

5) Support

Our 24 hour national operations center, staffed by former military and intelligence personnel, analyzes and shares critical information to the public during critical events.

Together, these components form a powerful shield that protects users.

iOS application in the App Store  (an Android App comes in September)

TerrorMate™ alerts users to both possible and actual terror attacks and provides information on how to stay safe in the affected area. Real-time advisories and intelligence are sent in short format updating the user on events as they happen.

TerrorMate™ provides a comprehensive crisis communication and mass notification solution that unifies all channels empowering users to communicate and collaborate during critical events, making sure they are safe at all times.


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