Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 1

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  • – Possible hand grenade in a car. Minahassastraat sealed off.
    ** Driver caused an accident and fled the scene. Caught by police. They found a possible hand grenade.
    ** Bomb squad on scene. Area partially evacuated
    ** Victim of the traffic accident has been checked and is ok to go home
    ** Area secured and released
  • – Security incident @ . Area sealed off.
    ** Area released. Awaiting more info
    ** 1 male under arrest. Was unarmed. Tower was not evacuated. Investigation ongoing.

  • – Metrostation Lesseps closed due to a suspicious liquid found in a train. Investigation ongoing.
    ** Bomb squad on scene
    ** Local SER journalist reports train driver has red eyes and has difficulties breathing. Police are looking for 2 people.
    ** The substance found on the train in Lesseps station has also been found in Fontana metro station, the previous stop
    ** Mossos say the substance found is Hydrochloric Acid
    ** Police are investigating the incident as vandalism for the time being. Metro traffic to resume as fast as possible.
    ** Police are not ruling out any options in their investigation: Mossos
    ** Police have images of 2 suspects
    ** I am seeing people spreading tweets saying threats were made on Belgian accounts against Barcelona Metro. TE: No direct threats were made, they are “target suggestions” and they were made on an international channel. Examples: So keep a few things in mind. 1) Police are excluding no options at this point. 2) Suggestions were made on an international channel, starting August 24, continuing August 25. Many other suggestions were included. There was no mention of any specific means or weapon to be used in the metro. 3) At this point, there’s very little activity on Barcelona on . 4) Investigation is ongoing.

  • – Interior Ministry issues high alert over terror threats – https://t.co/EkGSrr8bI1
  • – 12 killed, dozens injured. has claimed the attack.
  • – Terrorists attack a bus with security personnel. 5 policemen injured.
  • – Train station Matabiau evacuated. Bomb squad on scene.
    ** Road trafic in the area heavily congested. Expect delayed trains too.
    ** Area secured.
  • Interesting parallels with the results from historical cases that I published 3 years ago, such as: https://t.co/SVwYksREON
  • #USA – Our updated Islamic State recruits in America numbers. 133 individuals have been charged, average age has inched up, average sentence down

  • – 8 dead and 52 wounded in Marawi clash – https://t.co/jbcbQDxNs0
  • – Police are looking for a Belgian tour bus, license plate 1-DIA-309 (red characters on a white background).
    ** The bus was stolen 2 days ago, and due to the recent events in Europe, police also take into account the fact the bus could be used in a terrorist attack. The bus was last seen in , 35 km north of Copenhagen.
  • – Charges against terror threat suspect scaled down to incitement – https://t.co/FUWluFBlWA
  • #Somalia #AfUrur – At least 3 soldiers confirmed dead, 14 injured after a bomb hit a market selling Khat: Garowe.
  • – Transportation ministry evacuated in Yerevan after bomb threat – https://t.co/B7IRhFMb4m
    ** Minister was brought to a safe location. No bomb found, all clear given and staff will return.
  • – 1 customs officer killed
  • – 59 suspected recruits released – https://t.co/eiSLq86AhJ

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