Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 6

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  • – Police officer wounded by a bullet in the right arm when terrorists opened fire on a security checkpoint south of Arish.
  • – Woman who sought to join group gets 8 years – https://t.co/wdr8vqft5Y
  • – Militants attack police post – https://t.co/hsmOm1ikDN
  • – Cell had a high potential to carry out an attack – https://t.co/JQAZexiU0L
  • – After , supporters call for attacks on relief centers – https://t.co/BxcX1vutdI
  • – Border police arrest suspect with knife during security check in area of cave of Patriachs. Attack thwarted: police.
  • – Terror funding: NIA conducts raids in Delhi, Srinagar – https://t.co/hOajSEads7
  • #Afghanistan #Parwan – Suicide bomber targets Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan – https://t.co/nQ1Hs39wsr
  • attack in SE Turkey kills 2 utility workers – https://t.co/c7pYTaaBM2
  • – Man arrested on suspicion of planning terrorist offenses – https://t.co/WktoRNAGXM
  • – CT-operation ongoing in an apartment building.
    ** Acc to Le Parisien, a plumber discovered something what he thought were detonators in an empty apartment.
    ** He then alerted police. Anti-terror prosecutor has taken over investigation. Bomb squad on scene.
    ** 2 allegedly under arrest
    ** Metro station Kremlin-Bicetre closed as a precautionary measure in both directions. Will probably reopen around 5 pm
  • – 16 terrorists eliminated in the southeast – https://t.co/L3SFgBOzxW
  • – Government throws out last-minute negotiations with – https://t.co/fXDgqWU8xp
  • – Airstrike targets militants in Nangarhar province leaving several dead – https://t.co/VUEId52aBM
  • – 4 people beheaded by suspected militants – https://t.co/l8stkkQY7l
  • – Army kill two of Shekau’s deputies on Sallah Day – https://t.co/c2bVmp7Mkt
  • – Army soldier killed, three others wounded in attack in Salahuddin – https://t.co/H8Iqmy64Xl
  • – Turkish police kill would-be suicide bomber near police station: Reuters
  • – Spanish police and Moroccan intel have arrested a terrorist cell of 6 people: MoI.

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