Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 8

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  • Interesting read – A growing terrorist threat on another 9/11 – https://t.co/LUzhfEhTuH
  • – National Action: Banned neo-Nazi terrorist group still active in UK after finding loophole – https://t.co/itnTUzICDx
  • man pleads guilty to U.S. charges of aiding – https://t.co/CAWFmSo5ix
  • – Iraqi jets kill 15 militants, northeast of Baquba: Commander – https://t.co/izqi3W0CSQ
  • Interesting read – Jihadism: Recalibrating concepts, threat radar and reintegration policies – https://t.co/F8cDUB7hjR
  • & supporters celebrate havoc in and the – https://t.co/OywTNzroEy
  • – Syrian Army establishes fire control over Deir Ezzor Airport – https://t.co/2pJQZo7dqx
  • – 3 people killed, 4 others injured in a suicide bomb attack – https://t.co/MKltlm6YLU
  • – Car bombing reported. Will update asap
    ** Image from the scene. Exploded car was reportedly carrying Georgian license plates.
    ** Local media are reporting 1 dead and several injured
    ** The explosion took place about 100 meters from Kreshatyk, the main shopping street
    ** Vice-chairman of national police on scene
    ** Preliminary toll: 1 killed & 2 injured, a woman and her child

  • – Jawad Bendaoud, who housed some of the Paris attackers, to face court – https://t.co/E5qHIXKC3Z
  • – Omar may be last standing in Marawi, AFP says – https://t.co/UFWI5SWe7S
  • – Colombia’s female fighters wage a new war, for gender parity – https://t.co/2UkOJICbuz
  • – Top leaders killed by Russian forces in Deir Ezzor – https://t.co/EiLOtW4bbA
  • – Anti-terror chiefs want social media help with ‘lone wolves’ – https://t.co/PQfc4Khquo

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