Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 11

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  • – Saudi Arabia foils attempt to attack defense ministry – https://t.co/MUKnn5cwFd
    ** Local media say 2 Yemeni suicide bombers were arrested before they targeted the Ministry of Defense.
    ** 7 kg suicide vests, guns and knives were seized from their hideout: local media.
    ** 2 Saudi nationals arrested too.
  • – British Army soldiers are charged with terror offences in police probe into banned neo-Nazi group – https://t.co/udjNcoeI9y
  • – Man who joined Kurdish militia to fight in arrested on return to UK – https://t.co/GaHo1YENym
  • – 6 rebels killed, 12 injured in Kunduz blasts – https://t.co/fQ3NeBkPG0
  • – Australian bride becomes poster girl for Islamic State terrorists – https://t.co/KgUkHFvMD4
  • – Pakistani militants among 4 killed by public uprising forces – https://t.co/WItibAnF1V
  • – 5 wounded & 2 reportedly killed in car bombing in front of hotel.

  • – 16 years ago today, at 8.46 am (12:28 UTC), the 1st plane (American Airlines, flight 11) flew into the WTC in New York City.  
    ** 16 years ago today, @ 9.03 AM (13:03 UTC), the 2nd plane (United Airlines, flight 175) flew into the WTC in New York City.
    ** Fatalities at the site of the in New York City on September 11, 2001
    ** 16 years ago today, at 9.37 am (13:37 UTC), a plane (American Airlines, flight 77) flew into the , Washington D.C. ** 16 years ago today, at 10.03 am (14:03 UTC), a plane (United Airlines, flight 93) crashed into a field in .  
    ** Estimated direct costs of the attacks combined: $ 40 billion
    ** Estimated direct and indirect costs combined: $ 2 trillion

  • – 3 delivery vans stolen. Police raise alert over possible terror attacks. – https://t.co/XvoSF0PlCc
  • – Suicide bomber hit convoy of foreign troops. At least 3 civilians wounded plus unknown number of foreign troops: TOLO
  • – Explosion targeting 3 police vehicles. Preliminary toll: 5 police officers killed, including 1 officer.
    ** Death toll rises to 18
  • -linked rebels prepared to surrender – https://t.co/YeZYnp1YkL
  • – Teargas at checkin of Frankfurt airport.
    ** Fire brigade on scene. Multiple people reporting breathing problems.
    ** End of fire department deployment. No measurable values any longer. Check in opened again. 6 people being treated.
    ** Police investigating. Check ins are open again, they can’t measure any substances any longer. 6 are being treated for breathing problems. They are not confirming the kind of substance yet.
    ** 1C was partially evacuated for a short period of time. But everything has been released again. Trying to get more info.
  • – Foreign (probably Spanish) Red Cross doctor shot dead by patient in Afghanistan – https://t.co/jh9EVlJIJQ
  • – Counter-Terrorism Bureau warns of European attacks, advises not to visit – https://t.co/jokgSgr4Pq
  • – 57 terrorists neutralized during 1,285 operations throughout Turkey last week.
  • kills 3, detains 7 families in Qa’im – https://t.co/IiVEDSrOYM

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